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Accident with an Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Not all drivers are under the protection of insurance. A driver who fails to carry automobile insurance is in violation of the state compulsory automobile insurance laws, which requires all drivers to be under motorist insurance to protect him from accident damages. Recovery for damages becomes more difficult when dealing with an uninsured car crash in New York. When a driver is at fault and he is insured, the recovery for damages is usually easier and straightforward.

An uninsured driver is one who has not insured his vehicle, while an underinsured driver is one who insured his vehicle, but whose insurance is not enough to cover all damages that were sustained by the vehicle. It is very risky to drive without proper insurance, especially when a person encounters an accident. A driver should always make sure that he is covered by a sufficient insurance that will compensate all his needs, should the uninsured/underinsured driver be at fault.

Can I File a Claim Against an Underinsured Driver in NY?

Although a driver can file a legal case against a driver whose insurance is not sufficient or who is not at all covered by any insurance, it is never a guarantee that the person at fault will be able to compensate the victim. Compensation usually includes medical support and car repairs. Many other factors will matter, so it is wise to consult a top-rated NY car accident lawyer to advise you with the legal actions you should make.

Some insurance companies allow a compensation of up to $15,000 for every injured person, and an additional $5,000 for all property damages. If you calculate, this will not be enough to cover medical expenses and car repair. Today, there is uninsured/underinsured coverage for drivers, in case the party at fault is uninsured or underinsured. If you avail of this, you can be certain that someone else is going to cover all your medical needs and other property repairs in case an unwanted accident happens.

inspecting damaged vehicle Being injured from a collision can result in far more damages than an insurance company could ever pay you, so it is important that you get just compensation for your loss.

Compensation for Your UI/UIM Car Accident

Although the insurance can pay for all the property damages and hospital bills, they are usually not liable for your loss of earning capacity. The uninsured/underinsured insurance can fill the gap and pay you for your lost income, depending on the level of injury sustained.

If you were injured by a driver, it is important to find out if the driver is insured. You will have until 14 days to report a crash, and until 3 years to claim injury compensation. You should report the car crash at the soonest possible time. You can then consult an attorney to know the proper legal actions that should be taken against the uninsured/underinsured driver who was at fault.

You need to be able to produce enough evidence that will prove that the driver was really at fault, so it is wise to seek the help of a New York underinsured motorist attorney for the quick documentation of the evidence that will stress the fault of the driver who caused the injury.

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