Attorney Konstantin Burshteyn secured a combined $3,400,000 settlement for two clients who were backseat passengers in a motor vehicle accident. Our clients were seriously injured when their vehicle was rear-ended. One of the passengers sustained injuries to his right shoulder, right knee, and neck, ultimately requiring arthroscopic surgeries to his shoulder and knee and a single-level cervical fusion. The other passenger sustained neck and back injuries requiring pain management to his lower back and a single-level cervical fusion to his neck. Neither client suffered lost wages as a result of their injuries.

The defendants contested, arguing that there was hardly any property damage and claiming that the injuries to our clients were pre-existing and not related to the accident. Konstantin obtained summary judgment on liability within a year of the accident and was able to resolve the case before the conclusion of discovery at a private mediation less than two years following the crash. The case had been referred to WRSMH by a smaller NYC personal injury firm.

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