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I was 29 years old and things were not looking good for me as my back was severely injured from a construction accident. I was facing a life with a marked physical disability and unable to work, but things changed for the better the moment I called Ken Halperin. I knew then it was going to be alright as Ken was my relentless advocate every step of the way with his cool and calm personality. Ultimately we won a settlement that gave me financial security and a new beginning. I can't thank Ken and everyone from Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP enough because without all their hard work this settlement would have never gotten done.

-Daniel L.

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Attorney Testimonials


I received the "Update" you were kind enough to send me outlining some of your cases. I must say you look quite impressive in the accompanying photo. Of course, I have been tracking your progress in the jury verdict reports which your name appears regularly.

I am sure you know that J.M. died. I recall very well that J. believed you had the potential to be one of the best trial lawyers who ever passed through our firm. He was shown to be correct in that belief.

It is always good to hear from one of our considerate alumni.

Best Regards,

When I see your name I think fondly of my old block-4th St. Between 7th and 8th Avenues-where I grew up.

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Additional Testimonials

Dear Phil:

Best wishes for the holidays and the New Year. I owe it to you to drop you a line because I have been dropping your name recently.

Briefly I relocated to Phoenix in 1975, working for Dial Corp., Quantum North America, and some other companies in logistics. At this time, I am doing some teaching at University of Phoenix, both online and onground.

At one time, I googled some BC ’66 names including yours and found your website.

What I have done a couple of times in class (to great effect!) is as we approach a break, I will tell them that when they come back Phil Russotti "will explain it all to you." Who? Explain what? I say, "A man I knew in high school will explain everything to you. How to do better in class. How to do better in your career. How to do better in your relationships. Be back on time."

This is a break where everyone comes back on time. I put your website on the screen to point out, "no one…is more prepared, knowledgeable, dedicated, or enthusiastic…than I am."

"And so, that explains it all. This is what is most important about being a successful lawyer, or about being a successful anything else."

These are generally young people in their 20s, out of high school for a few years, now coming back to earn their degree, some veterans, some coming back for master’s degrees.

I see some students taking down a note of your comment and I hope this helps them ramp up a bit as they want to move their lives forward.

"You never know how far your influence will go."

All best wishes.

J. Z.

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