Van Accident

WRSMH attorney settled the case of our client who was hit by an Access-A-Ride van after mediation and before trial for $2.9 million dollars. Our client, a young woman working in the finance industry was crossing an avenue with the light in her favor in the Meat Packing District when she was hit in the crosswalk. Our client was treated and released from Bellevue Hospital that day. It was later determined that our client suffered bulges to the discs in her neck and a herniated disc in her lower back. She also suffered injuries to her left elbow which required arthroscopic surgery to repair torn ligaments.

As a result, our client underwent epidural injections to her neck and lower back. Finally, she underwent cervical disc replacement and lumbar disc replacement instead of fusion surgery. During the preparation of the case, the firm obtained summary judgment on the issue of liability against the driver defendant. In preparation for trial, a WRSMH attorney flew to Colorado to our clients’ home town to meet and prepare the surgeon for trial who performed the double disc replacement surgery.

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