Motor Vehicle Accident

The firm was able to obtain a jury verdict in the amount of $6.2 million on behalf of our client, a 60-year-old Brooklyn woman involved in a motor vehicle accident. The plaintiff and a truck were turning left in a large intersection. The plaintiff claimed that the truck came into her lane, sideswiping her. The defendant claimed that the plaintiff came into his lane, sideswiping him, and further claimed that she was on the phone and distracted at the time of the accident. The police report attributed fault to both parties. After a trial on liability, the jury unanimously found for the plaintiff and found the defendant 100% responsible for the accident. A trial on damages followed, where the plaintiff claimed to have sustained a severe neck injury, requiring surgery. The defendant claimed that the plaintiff’s neck problem was due solely to her advancing age and highlighted that she did not seek any immediate medical treatment, and further claimed that she had a very good result after her surgery. The firm successfully overcame the defense’s allegations and the jury awarded our client $6.2 million for her pain and suffering.

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