Rear End Collision

WRSMH attorney obtained a $2.8 million settlement during trial for our client who was involved in a 3 car accident. The plaintiff was struck twice from behind in a rear-end collision involving two vehicles. The plaintiff sustained serious injuries to his neck, which resulted in nerve damage to both his arms and middle finger on his left hand as well. Our client also suffered from an aggravation of a pre-existing, yet asymptomatic degenerative condition in his neck which made him more susceptible to new injuries. WRSMH attorney was able to settle shortly after our client's testimony where he was able to show that, despite the extent of our client's pre-existing degenerative spinal condition, our client lived a very productive life, working full-time in a physically demanding occupation without any prior complaints of pain in his neck. WRSMH attorney argued that while our client may have been more susceptible to a serious injury from an otherwise mild accident, the defendants were responsible for any of his medical conditions which developed after, and as a result of, the accident regardless of his increased susceptibility. The defendants agreed to settle just prior to WRSMH attorney putting forth his medical testimony.

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