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Tractor trailers, also known as semi trucks or big rigs, are a constant danger on New York's roadways. Because of their much greater size and weight, tractor trailers pose a particular threat to smaller passenger vehicles. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident with a semi truck, you need to consult an experienced personal injury attorney.

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What are the Most Common Types of Trucking Accidents?

Federal traffic statistics report that one out of every nine automobile accidents involves a big rig or tractor trailer. Following are some of the more common types of large, commercial truck accidents:

  • Collisions: Passenger vehicles rarely fare well in crashes with tractor trailers. While the average automobile weighs 3,250 pounds, a fully loaded semi truck can weigh 80,000 pounds. A car traveling 60 miles per hour can come to a complete stop in approximately 140 feet, while a tractor trailer traveling the same speed requires 400 or more feet to come to a complete stop.
  • Drive under accidents: Because the trailer of a big rig rides so much higher than most passenger vehicles, serious accidents can happen when another vehicle rear ends or T-bones a tractor trailer and slides under it.
  • Jackknife accidents: Because semi trucks consist of two or more vehicles hitched together, serious accidents can happen when the tractor loses control of the trailer. Jackknife accidents can result from a variety of causes, including malfunctioning rear brakes, icy or slick road surfaces, sudden braking, or going too fast down a hill.
  • Trailer detachment: Jackknifing often results in the tractor part of a semi truck becoming separated from the trailer. Trailer detachments can also happen when a hitch fails or the trailer is improperly attached. It's easy to understand how dangerous it can be to have a multi-ton trailer careening down the roadway without a driver.
  • Rollover accidents: Rollover accidents can be particularly dangerous to surrounding vehicles. Rollovers can be caused by many things, including jackknifing, overloaded or improperly loaded trailers, trailers carrying unstable cargo like hanging beef, blowouts, etc.
  • Runaway trucks: Due to their weight and number of axles and tires, tractor trailers employ multiple braking systems. These include air brakes, hydraulic brakes, electric brakes, and compression release brakes (or "Jacobs Brakes"). As with all mechanical devices, brakes may fail due to poor maintenance, manufacturing, or design. Runaway trucks can be a serious traffic hazard, particularly when the big rig is going down hill and gaining speed and momentum.

Trucking commerce is a vital part of New York state's economy. Though they are dangerous vehicles, other driver must share the road with them. If you or a family member has been involved in an accident with a tractor trailer, you need to contact a seasoned New York truck accident attorney.

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