Ashley Jacoby obtained a $1.41 million dollar settlement on the eve of trial for the occupant of a single-vehicle truck accident. While entering a highway in Queens, the box of the truck became detached from the truck’s frame, causing the tractor of the truck to rollover. Plaintiff brought suit against the owner of the box truck, arguing that employees of the company leasing the truck had made prior complaints about the unsecure attachment between the box and frame and that prior maintenance records for the truck showed the box had an ongoing history of loose U-bolts that ultimately failed and caused the turn-over. As a result, our client required surgeries to the neck and back. Defendants strongly contested liability, arguing instead that the accident was due to the truck being overloaded the morning of the accident and excessive speed on a curved exit ramp. Defendants also contested causation of our client’s injuries, and pointed to his prior injuries suffered on the job as the reason his surgeries were required. With the help of liability experts and Ashley’s strong presentation of the medical evidence, Defendants ultimately agreed to pay $1.41 million just before jury selection.

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