Have You Been Hurt in a New York Rollover Truck Accident?

Fortunately, accidents involving large trucks and tractors are fairly rare, compared to the average number of motor vehicle accidents each year involving smaller cars. Due to the large size of these trucks, however, when an accident does occur, it is more likely to be very serious and often result in fatality or severe injury. One of the most common types of accidents that is fairly unique to large trucks is a rollover, which occurs when a truck topples over either onto its side or completely upside-down.

Going through a rollover truck accident in New York can be traumatic for any driver, regardless of injury. A serious back, neck, or head injury only makes the situation worse, and can result in loss of income, medical bills, and long-term care requirements. The New York truck accident attorneys at Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP know how to protect your rights and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. A rollover truck accident is stressful enough without the need for worry about bills and future employment. Call us today at (212) 986-7353 to discuss the details of your case.

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Who Is Liable After a Rollover Accident?

In the event of a serious rollover truck accident, there is often a tendency to place blame on the driver of a truck. While the driver is certainly responsible for controlling the vehicle, there are often mitigating circumstances that can take that control out of the driver's hands. For example, if the trailer was overloaded beyond a safe weight limit, without the driver's knowledge, then he or she may end up in a rollover accident even though every reasonable safety precaution was taken while operating the vehicle.

Similarly, a mechanical flaw can cause an accident. If a truck is built with a flawed trailer attachment or other design mistake, then a rollover accident can occur. These types of issues can make the manufacturer of a truck liable for an accident, if the manufacturing mistake caused the rollover and there is evidence that the company was aware of the issue or failed to discover the issue due to negligence on its part.

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What Usually Causes a Rollover Truck Accident?

Although different factors can create a situation in which a rollover occurs, there are a few common causes that should be avoided to prevent such a crash.

  • Speeding. Unfortunately, speeding and the desire of a truck driver to more quickly reach a destination are the most common causes of a rollover truck accident. This can be avoided by setting reasonable schedules for a truck driver, and ensuring drivers are properly trained to operate a truck at a safe speed.
  • Sharp Curves. Roads are designed with all types of vehicles in mind, but sharp, sudden curves are usually easier for a smaller car to handle than a massive truck and trailer. Trucking companies should keep these types of features in mind when planning out a route for a driver.
  • Overloaded Trailers. Trucks are meant to haul loads up to a specific weight limit. If a trucking company knowingly goes over that limit, then it can create a hazardous situation in which a rollover is more likely to occur. Such negligence can make the company liable for the accident, especially if the driver was unaware of the weight violation.

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What Should I Do if I Have Been in a Rollover Truck Accident?

The first thing you should do after any accident, including a rollover, is contact emergency services and seek immediate medical attention. Even if you feel like you only sustained a few bruises or scrapes, you may have suffered injuries that do not become immediately obvious. Follow any instructions emergency workers provide, and be honest when talking to police, though you should not admit to any fault for the accident.

Once your medical needs have been taken care of, contact a lawyer with experience in motor vehicle law and rollover cases. The NY personal injury lawyers at Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP have years of experience fighting for the rights of drivers and can answer your questions and discuss the details of your case. It is extremely important following an accident that you do not talk to any insurance company, and never sign anything offered to you by an insurance company.

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Get In Touch With a New York Truck Accident Attorney

Contact our experienced NYC truck accident attorneys at (212) 986-7353. Let us deal with the insurance company, file your compensation or civil claims, and protect your rights.

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Additional Information

Our Truck Accident Case Results

$6.5 Million - Man Hit by Truck in Queens

WRSMH attorneys Bryce Moses and Ashley Jacoby obtained a large verdict for a man who was struck by a truck in Queens.

Bryce Moses, Ashley Jacoby

$3.5 Million - Young Woman Run Over By Garbage Truck

Bryce Moses represented a young woman who was run over by a garbage truck in Brooklyn that shattered her ankle in three places.

Bryce Moses

$3.3 Million - NY Truck Accident Case

The plaintiff asserted that the injuries suffered in the collision with the truck will permanently prevent her from working.

Kenneth Halperin, Philip Russotti

$3 Million - New York Truck Accident

Cliff Shapiro and another WRSMH attorney were able to settle a truck accident case for the amount of $3,000,000 on behalf of a 45 year old delivery man from Queens.

Clifford Shapiro

$2.9 Million - Vehicle Hit by Truck

Victor Goldblum successfully represented a client who underwent three surgeries as the result of injuries sustained in a truck collision.

Victor Goldblum

$2 Million - Client Rear-ended by a Tractor Trailer While Stopped at a Traffic Light

Plaintiff sustained multiple injuries when he was rear-ended by a tractor trailer while he was stopped at a traffic light.

Ashley Jacoby

$2 Million - Rockland County Woman Rear-ended by a Semi-tractor Trailer

Luigi Izzo obtained $2 million for a client who was injured after being rear-ended by a semi-tractor trailer.

Luigi Izzo

$2 Million - Flatbed Tractor Trailer Backed Into Minibus

Cliff Shapiro obtained a recovery for a 32-year-old male who was in the course of his employment with Access-A-Ride when his vehicle was struck by a flatbed tractor trailer.

Clifford Shapiro

$1.8 Million - Two Clients Struck by Garbage Truck

WRSMH attorneys obtained a $1,800,000 settlement a year before trial for two plaintiffs who were injured after they were struck by a garbage truck.

Clifford Shapiro, Noah Katz

$1.5 Million - New York City Department of Sanitation Truck Accident

This motor vehicle accident involved a 43 year old woman who was rear-ended by a New York City Department of Sanitation truck.

Michael Fitzpatrick, Clifford Shapiro

$1.5 Million - Bronx Woman Injured in Truck Collision

WRSMH attorneys Clifford Shapiro, Robert Bellinson, and another WRSMH attorney were able to obtain a settlement in the amount of $1,500,000 on behalf of a fifty-one year old librarian from Bronx County.

Clifford Shapiro, Robert Bellinson

$1.5 Million - Back Seat Passenger Underwent Lumbar Fusion

The plaintiff, a 29 year old male, was injured when he was a back seat passenger of a car that was sideswiped by a commercial truck which caused the car to be pushed off of the road into a tree.

Michael Fitzpatrick

$1.5 Million - Rear-Ended by a Truck at Red Light

Our client, was stopped at red light when she was rear-ended by a truck. Victor Goldblum was able to obtain $1,500,000 for our client, who required surgery as a result of the crash.

Victor Goldblum

$1.41 Million - Queens Box Truck Rollover Leaves Occupant Injured

The plaintiff, an occupant of a truck, was injured in a single vehicle accident and required surgeries to the neck and back.

Ashley Jacoby

$1.35 Million - Rear-End Truck Accident Causing Injuries

Plaintiff sustained injuries to his knee and spine after his vehicle was rear-ended by a truck.

Ryan Lawlor

$1.3 Million - Parked Car Sideswiped by Commercial Truck

Our client in this case was a 37-year old man who was injured when his parked school bus was sideswiped by the defendants' commercial truck.

Kenneth Halperin,

$1.3 Million - Crash with Fire Department Truck

Philip Russotti and Brielle C. Goldfaden obtained a $1.3 million settlement after jury selection on a trial against the City of New York, the New York City Fire Department and an FDNY employee.

Philip Russotti, Brielle Goldfaden,William Hepner

$1.150 Million - Garbage Truck Accident Case

Bryce Moses and another WRSMH attorney were able to obtain a settlement in the amount of $1,150,000 on behalf of our client, a 35-year-old man from Kings County.

Bryce Moses,

$1.1 Million - Struck by Garbage Truck Which Attempted Right Turn from Left Lane

Kenneth J. Halperin obtained a $1,100,000 settlement for a man who was operating his livery cab when he was struck by a garbage truck that attempted to make a right turn from the left lane and broadsided his vehicle.

Kenneth Halperin

$950,000 - Man Rear-Ended by Tailgating Truck

Luigi Izzo successfully represented a client who suffered multiple injuries after being rear-ended by a truck that was tailgating.

Luigi Izzo

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