Representing Clients in Drowning and Near Drowning Cases in NY

Drowning is a leading cause of death for young people in New York, according to the NY State Department of Health. The agency reports that almost 28 people, 19 years and younger die every year as a result of drowning-related injuries. These tragic cases impact children at a much higher rate than adults, and more than a third of the victims are just four years old or younger.

Parents who have lost a child in an avoidable drowning are left suffering unimaginable grief and loss, and struggling to understand how it happened. In most cases, the drowning could have been avoided. Holding the responsible party accountable is an important action for those who have lost a loved one in a swimming pool drowning accident in the New York City area.

Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP is a highly-respected law firm that has served New York City for over 50 years. Our firm operates far differently than many other personal injury firms. We strictly limit the number of cases we take on. We are dedicated to providing each client we represent with our full focus and attention. We are not here to "process cases" but to help, support, and seek justice for the people we serve. Our team of talented New York personal injury lawyers is known throughout the local legal community for their professionalism, as well as our impressive record of positive verdicts and high value settlements. Call us now at (212) 986-7353.

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Wrongful Death Claim: NYC Swimming Pool Drowning Accident

In cases of death from drowning, parents can seek some level of justice by filing a wrongful death claim. The first, and most critical step, is to get legal representation from a lawyer you can trust. All responsible parties must be identified. In some cases, the drowning occurred in a public facility, managed by city, county, or another sector of government.

The law protects governmental bodies against claim, with a short period of time allowed to file a claim before the clock runs down. Swimming pools in apartment buildings may or may not provide supervision for swimmers. Issues such as a broken gate or faulty doors could allow children to enter the area on their own. Our New York swimming pool accident attorneys will identify all liable parties, collect and preserve evidence, interview witnesses, and call upon our professional resources, such as medical experts, financial experts, accident investigators and others as needed. Every case is prepared to present to a jury. We are not seeking a fast, easy settlement, but full justice for those we represent.

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Pool Drowning in NYC -- How Did It Happen?

The most common ways preventable drowning can occur include the following:

The most common reason for a swimming pool drowning is lack of supervision. Children who wander off and gain access to a pool area, or who are in the pool ā€“ even in shallow water ā€“ and are not supervised can drown within a few short minutes. Near drownings, in which the person is discovered and pulled out of the water, often lead to permanent medical conditions that cannot be resolved, even with the most advanced medical treatment and care.

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Swimming Pool Drowning and Brain Damage

The lack of oxygen to the brain, called hypoxia, even for a short period of time, can leave a child in a coma, or a vegetative state. Patients with acute pulmonary edema (accumulation of fluid in the lungs, affecting the ability to breathe), respiratory arrest, or cardiopulmonary arrest, if successfully resuscitated, may have permanent brain damage with physical and cognitive impairments.

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Speak with Our NY Swimming Pool Drowning Accident Lawyers

Whether your case involves permanent disabilities or you have lost a loved one, you can trust our legal team to be compassionate, professional, and committed to helping you seek full compensation for what occurred. Call our New York premises liability attorneys today at (212) 986-7353 for a free case evaluation, or connect with us by filling out our online form.

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Additional Information

Our Premises Liability Case Results

$10.7 Million - Medical Malpractice Verdict In Queens County, NY

The female plaintiff fell down a flight of stairs at work and suffered a brain herniation that compressed the brain stem, which she contended was due to delayed treatment at the hospital emergency room.


$3.625 Million - Professional Malpractice: Defective Design Injures Renter

Bill Hepner recently settled a case against an architect and a homeowner for $3,625,000.00. The case against the architect involved malpractice in design, which occurred over ten years before the plaintiff's fall.

William Hepner

$3 Million - Woman Injured by Collapsing Ceiling

Attorney Thomas Pardo settled a case for a client who sustained injuries when the ceiling in her bathroom collapsed on her.

Thomas Pardo

$2.65 Million - Motorcyclist Thrown Off Bike in NY Parking Garage

Kenneth Halperin obtained a settlement at a mediation in the amount of $2,650,000.00 for a 43 year old man who was injured in an accident involving his motorcycle.

Kenneth Halperin

$2.5 Million - Fall on Defective Stair

Plaintiff sustained injuries to his knee, neck, and back after falling on a defective stair.

Thomas Pardo

$2.25 Million - Tenant Injured by Ceiling Collapse in Apartment

Our client sustained a tbi and underwent a 1-level cervical fusion surgery as the result of a ceiling collapse in an apartment.

Michael Zisser

$2.25 Million - Woman Injured by Falling Apartment Ceiling

Attorney Thomas Pardo successfully represented a case for a client who suffered injuries when the ceiling in her apartment collapsed on her.

Thomas Pardo

$2.25 Million - Fall Down Stairs at Work

Plaintiff sustained injuries to her shoulder, neck, and back after falling down stairs at work.

Thomas Pardo

$1.957 Million - Corrections Officer Injured by Ceiling Collapse

Plaintiff was a corrections officer who sustained multiple injuries after a ceiling collapsed and fell on her.

Thomas Pardo

$1.9 Million - Woman Fell Through Stairs

Bryce Moses represented a woman in her 60's who upon returning home fell through the landing of the staircase leading up to her apartment.

Bryce Moses

$1.9 Million - Manhattan Tourist Destination Fall Injury

Client was hurt in a fall while visiting a well-known tourist destination in Midtown Manhattan.

Ashley Jacoby

$1.85 Million - Faulty Stair Fall Accident

Client sustained injuries to her neck after falling down faulty stairs.

Thomas Pardo

$1.7 Million - Premises Liability Claim Resulting in Mild TBI

Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP attorney Robert J. Bellinson recently obtained a $1.7 million verdict in Manhattan Supreme Court on behalf of our client who sustained a closed head injury.

Robert Bellinson

$1.6 Million - Woman Struck by Falling Tree Branch

Our client, a 37-year-old woman, sustained multiple serious injuries when a tree branch fell on her.

Lauren Pennisi

$1.55 Million - Elevator Accident

Plaintiff, a 32-year-old account manager at a financial institution, was injured when the elevator he was in at work quickly dropped five floors and abruptly came to a stop.

William Hepner, Paula Greco

$1.5 Million - Lift Machinery Fell on Client

William Hepner and another WRSMH attorney obtained a $1.5 million settlement during jury selection on behalf of a client who was injured while on the defendants' premises to fix a security camera.

William Hepner,

$1.475 Million - Sidewalk Trip and Fall

WRSMH of counsel David Hoffman obtained a settlement in the amount of $1,475,000 for a 54-year-old woman who slipped and fell on an uneven portion of the sidewalk.

David Hoffman

$1.45 Million - Ceiling Collapse on Bronx Resident

The defendants only offered $750,000 to settle the case. However, after the mediation, negotiations continued and Brielle and attorney Cliff Shapiro were able to ultimately settle the case for $1.45 million dollars.

Clifford Shapiro, Brielle Goldfaden

$1.45 Million - Woman Injured by Collapsing Bathroom Ceiling

Plaintiff sustained injuries and required neck surgery after her bathroom ceiling collapsed on her.

Thomas Pardo

$1.4 Million - Bathroom Ceiling Collapses and Injures Woman

Our client sustained back, shoulder, and ankle injuries when part of her bathroom ceiling collapsed on her.

Thomas Pardo

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