For months, our client complained to his superintendent that there was a crack in the ceiling in his bedroom that looked ominous. The super promised to come by to take a look, but never did. One day our client opened the door to his bedroom, stepped in, and the ceiling where the crack was located collapsed on his head. The next day he went to the hospital with severe head, neck and back pain.

As a result of the ceiling collapse, our client suffered herniated discs in his lower back and neck. He treated conservatively for many months by attending physical therapy and receiving epidural steroid injections, however, the pain did not subside. Eventually, he required spinal surgery to his lower back wherein the surgeon removed the injured disc and fused the vertebra.

WRSMH Of Counsel Brielle Goldfaden attended a private mediation during which the defendants argued that the plaintiff made a good recovery after his surgery and was no longer disabled and only offered $750,000 to settle the case. However, after the mediation, negotiations continued and Brielle and attorney Cliff Shapiro were able to ultimately settle the case for $1.45 million dollars.

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