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Legionnaires’ Disease – 5 Things to Know

By WRSH on August 23, 2018 - Comments off

What is it?

Legionnaires’ disease is form of pneumonia spread by infected water vapor and can often be fatal. There have been reports of it in New York City, recently afflicting 27 people and killing one.

Government and health officials have warned residents in certain areas to be alert for signs of the disease, which presents with nausea, fatigue, fever, chills, coughing, head and muscle aches, confusion, chest pain, and shortness of breath. Read the rest »

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Structural Flaws at Amusement Parks Can Be Costly

By WRSH on May 18, 2018 - Comments off

Most of us take amusement park safety for granted when we sit down on a roller coaster or get into a towering water slide. Surely such attractions would not be open to the public if they were not safe; after all, government regulators can shut down restaurants and roads, they must be able to do the same to amusement parks.

Yet there is no actual federal oversight or regulation of “fixed-site” amusement parks. Such things are under the supervision of state laws, and in New York, there is a pretty low standard for inspections and safety. Read the rest »

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Falling Ice: NY’s Winter Weather Hazard

By WRSH on February 25, 2018 - Comments off

Spears of ice and chunks of rock-like snow hurtling down from towers high above may seem like something out of a fantasy novel, but for New Yorkers, it is a winter reality. Read the rest »

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Are Baseball Stadiums Safe?

By WRSH on October 13, 2017 - Comments off

When we go to a baseball game, the last thing we want to have to worry about is safety. We go to cheer, meet other fans, and have a good time, not think about whether a stray ball might hit us in the face. (Or if a safety railing might give out.) Read the rest »

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Six-Week-Old Baby Girl Killed in Elevator Fall

By WRSH on October 25, 2016 - Comments off

Tragedy struck a Coney Island family last week, when a six week old girl and her mother fell into an elevator shaft. The accident occurred on the 23rd floor of the Sea Rise II apartments, a building with 50 open building code violations, including four elevator violations. Read the rest »

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How Property Owners Can Be Held Liable For New York City Slip, Trip, and Fall Accidents

By WRSH on July 11, 2016 - Comments off

Slip, trip, and fall accidents are common everyday occurrences. Oftentimes, they are caused by nothing more than a person’s own clumsiness or inattentiveness, and they are able to get up and walk away with no injuries to anything other than their pride. However, there are also plenty of situations where a slip and fall incident has happened because of a New York City property owner’s negligence. Read the rest »

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Who Is Responsible for a Slip, Trip, or Fall on a New York Bus or Subway?

By WRSH on June 13, 2016 - Comments off

Hopefully when you get onto a New York bus or subway, you arrive at your destination safely. However, accidents do sometimes happen. Maybe there’s something on the stairs of the bus and you trip. Or maybe a subway platform wasn’t quite cleaned properly and you slip. When this happens, who’s responsible? Read the rest »

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