NYC Fails to Inspect 11k Homes Where Children Tested Positive for Lead Exposure

By WRSMH on November 20, 2019

The most common way children get lead poisoning is from lead-based paint. New York City’s Comptroller, Scott Stringer, conducted an investigation into child lead exposure. He found that thousands of children across the five boroughs remain at risk of exposure to lead paint and its severe, irreversible health consequences.

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Don’t Let Dangerous Toys End Up Under Your Tree

By WRSMH on December 18, 2018

Few things are quite as satisfying as watching a child’s eyes light up as he or she receives a new toy. This is often followed by the child furiously unwrapping the toy to start playing with it immediately—even as other gifts wait, still wrapped!

The last thing any parent wants is to give a gift that ends up posing a serious danger to the child. And yet, on average, a child is treated in an emergency room in the U.S. about every three minutes for a toy-related injury!

What can you do this holiday season to prevent injuries to your child?

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Medicaid to Cover New York Home Births Resulting in Neurological Damage

By WRSMH on November 18, 2015

New York Birth Injury In 2011, a fund was created during New York Medicaid reform to benefit babies born at hospitals with neurological damage. According to a report in The New York Law Journal, a Brooklyn judge has decided that the fund should benefit home-birthed babies as well.

The judge ruled that the Governor and the Legislature didn’t intend for the location of the birth to exclude babies from benefits. Babies born with neurological damage are now qualified for financial support in New York whether they were born at home or at the hospital.

It’s unclear if this ruling will have a significant impact on New Yorkers as a whole, but it will benefit the few families dealing with neurological disorders after a home birth. There are only about 500 to 600 home births in New York each year compared to about 125,506 live births that happen in New York hospitals. Furthermore, complications only arise in home births about 10 percent of the time.

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Most Common Types of Birth Injuries

By WRSMH on September 15, 2015

New York Birth InjuryFew things in life are as challenging as knowing your child suffered and continues to suffer because of someone else’s negligence. If your child sustained a serious injury during labor or delivery, it may be in your best interest to research your legal options. If the injuries were caused by medical negligence, you may be able to seek financial compensation for medical expenses and other losses.

Here are a few of the most common birth injuries:

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Why Does My Child Need a Booster Seat in the Car?

By WRSMH on September 8, 2014

Car seats are much safer for children today than they were when their parents were young – but they’re also more complicated. As a result, young parents often have questions about which types of car seats are necessary for their children and when to make the switch to the next type of car seat in line.

If you’re wondering what a booster seat is and when your child needs one, consider the following tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and your experienced New York car accident attorneys.

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Celebrate Children’s Eye Health Month with These Safety Tips

By WRSMH on August 4, 2014

August is Children’s Eye Health Month. As kids head back to school, it’s important to make sure their vision is healthy, so they can see the blackboard, read their assignments, and participate in sports and games. Eye health can help children avoid accidents and injuries, as many experienced New York injury lawyers have noted from countless cases.

The first step in making sure your child’s eye health is in top shape is to see an eye doctor. You can also help your child prevent eye injuries by helping him or her practice good eye safety tips, like:

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Three Ways to Prevent Back to School Injuries

By WRSMH on July 28, 2014

NY Child Injury LawyersThe start of the new school year is just a few weeks away.  According to the National Safety Council (NSC), most accidents that injure children on playgrounds or during school hours are “completely preventable.”  Experienced New York child injury attorneys encourage families to celebrate their child’s next educational step by kicking off the new school year with a focus on playground and school safety.

Here are a few ways you can help your kids have more fun and prevent injuries when school begins:

  • Play smarter.  Even young kids can learn to identify risky places to play.  When you go to the playground with kids, teach them to pay attention to the surfaces under play equipment.  Soft sand, mulch, or gravel helps cushion falls from play equipment, but hard grass, concrete, or sand should be avoided.

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Help Kids Stay Safe This Summer: Take the Pool Safely Pledge

By WRSMH on June 2, 2014

Swimming safety helps address the number-one cause of death and unintentional injury among children under age 5: drownings and near-drownings in swimming pools and hot tubs.  Three in every four of these accidents occur in backyard swimming pools and hot tubs,  according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

How can you help protect the kids you love from injury this summer?  Start by raising their awareness and your own by taking the “Pool Safely” pledge with them. The CPSC offers a sample pledge for both children and adults. The children’s pledge asks kids to promise to keep the following safety rules in mind:

  • Never swim alone,
  • Ask parents or caregivers to sign them up for swimming lessons,

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Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween Season

By WRSMH on October 23, 2013

halloween-safetyAs the cool fall weather sets in and October is coming to a close, families in New York and elsewhere are busying themselves in preparation for the Halloween festivities. This means pumpkin carving gatherings, costume parties, spooky house decorations, and, of course, trick-or-treating for the kids. With so much to do, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the season; however, it is important to keep in mind the dangers present in various Halloween activities so you can prevent injury to your children and to others.


If your kids plan to go trick-or-treating at night, make sure to get them costumes that are bright and reflective. Avoid any costumes with excessive length as this may pose a tripping hazard. Also avoid any costumes that are made of flammable material. If your child’s costume is accompanied by an accessory, make sure it is safe and remains so in the event your child stumbles or trips.

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