How Scaffolding on Wheels Can Sometimes Be Dangerous

By WRSMH on June 30, 2023

Buildings surrounded by scaffolds in New York

Proper scaffolding practices are essential in preventing accidents and injuries on construction sites. Employers and contractors are legally obligated to provide a safe working environment for their employees and adhere to relevant safety regulations for using mobile scaffolds.

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Why Some Construction Sites Have Decorated Scaffolding

By WRSMH on May 10, 2023

A look up at high rise scaffolding.

A lot of people complain about scaffolding, but it’s crucial for maintaining and improving buildings in New York City. Many business owners say that scaffolding is unsightly and it discourages customers, especially foot traffic.

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Scaffold Safety Law: The Battle of New York

By WRSMH on September 15, 2022

In recent years there has been a great deal of debate over the importance of the Scaffold Safety Law. There are advocates on both sides, and arguments about money and insurance, about how to keep New York’s construction industry booming, and how to keep workers safe. Wading through all of the arguments can be overwhelming, which makes apathy toward the issue an easy response.

Ultimately, we believe in whatever keeps workers safe and holds employers responsible for safe worksite conditions.

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The Looming Danger of Scaffolding Accidents in New York

By WRSMH on March 15, 2018

Although scaffolding is a problem to people throughout New York City, construction workers are in the greatest danger of scaffold accidents. Scaffolds are commonly used at construction sites to let workers reach raised areas to do electrical, carpentry, and plumbing work, as well as to give welders access to areas they cannot normally reach. When used properly, scaffolds are an integral part of the construction industry.

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High Winds Cause Scaffold Collapse

By WRSMH on January 9, 2018

A construction accident in New York City’s trendy SoHo District on the weekend before Thanksgiving has given a lot of pedestrians something to be thankful for.

Wind gusts of 30 to 35 miles per hour caused scaffolding to collapse near the corner of Prince and Broadway. Remarkably, only six people suffered moderate to minor injuries from falling lumber and metal siding that rained down on the crowded intersection.

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What Kinds of Injuries are Caused by Scaffolding Accidents?

By WRSMH on September 20, 2016

Falls from scaffolding accidents are among the most common construction and worksite accidents in New York. These kinds of falls are all-too-frequent and can be the result of negligence, improper equipment or scaffold setup, or inattentiveness from other workers. No matter what caused the accident, there are some serious consequences and injuries that can result from them, so be aware of the dangers from such a fall.

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Common Causes of Scaffold Accidents at New York Construction Sites

By WRSMH on March 15, 2016

Anyone who lives or works in New York City is accustomed to seeing construction sites. With so many building projects always happening in the city, scaffolding is a pretty common sight in Manhattan and the other boroughs. Scaffolding is major part of just about any construction site.

Construction workers put their safety–and lives–at risk each time they’re on a scaffold. If scaffolding frames are in poor condition or wood used for scaffolding can’t support their loads, workers get put in danger. However, falls are the top danger related to scaffolding use. Falls from scaffolding is the leading cause of death in construction site accidents. No matter how a scaffolding-related injury happened, there is one common thread: these accidents cause serious injuries.

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1 World Trade Center Scaffold Malfunction Leaves Window Washers Hanging

By WRSMH on November 20, 2014

Two veteran window washers were left dangling precariously outside the 68th floor of 1 World Trade Center recently when the scaffold rigging malfunctioned. Crowds and television crews gathered on the street nearly 827 feet below to watch as the FDNY worked to rescue the two men.

The window washers began the work day as usual – with a series of standard safety checks -before descending to the 43rd floor. With several years of experience working on New York’s skyscrapers between them, the men did not panic when the rigging became stuck as they reached the 68th floor later in the day. In a matter of minutes, the scaffold went from horizontal to almost entirely vertical.

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