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Snow and Ice May Crush NYC Roofs

By WRSH on January 15, 2019 - Comments off

While you walk on an icy New York sidewalk, it’s easy to focus on the ground and forget to look up. But winter can leave dangers everywhere, and roofs are at risk of collapse as snow piles up on top of them. When a roof collapses, people can be seriously injured or killed, and it can cause extensive property damage—not just to the building, but to anything inside. Read the rest »

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Dangerous Fire Escapes and Stair Railings

By WRSH on September 14, 2018 - Comments off

Building owners are responsible for ensuring that railings remain safe. Failing to do so can leave the building owner open to litigation and may lead to occupants becoming seriously injured or losing their lives.

That are standards and building codes that must be met in New York to ensure railings and fire escapes are safe for people to use. If you suffered a dangerous stairway fall or another type of injury due to an unsafe condition, speak to our New York building collapse lawyers at Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro & Halperin, LLP. Read the rest »

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How Buildings Collapse Due to Neglect

By WRSH on July 19, 2018 - Comments off

At the end of a long day, most of us want to relax and enjoy a little Netflix or a good book in the warmth and safety of our own home. If you live in an apartment or condo, you probably assume that the building owners are taking proper precautions and paying for necessary maintenance to ensure you’re safe where you live. But sometimes, a ceiling, wall, or debris can come crashing down onto you and your loved ones – especially in New York’s older housing complexes. Read the rest »

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How the FIU Bridge Collapse Could Change the Construction Industry

By WRSH on May 11, 2018 - Comments off

The recent collapse of a pedestrian bridge still under construction in Florida was a terrible tragedy that cost the lives of six people. It also demonstrated how errors in construction or design can still make it through planning and development, with real-world consequences. While the exact cause of the collapse is still under investigation, this tragedy may end up changing construction and bridge design across the country. Read the rest »

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Who Is Liable for Faulty Materials?

By WRSH on October 14, 2017 - Comments off

abstract-1854005_1920In any civil case, liability comes down to many different factors, which is why you should always hire a knowledgeable attorney to handle a lawsuit rather than try to do it yourself.

With that in mind, however, there are some basic, general considerations that can be explored. If cheap materials are used at a worksite and someone is injured, liability could potentially rest on either the company that made the material, or whoever chose to use it over a superior product. Perhaps both. Read the rest »

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Growing Concern for Collapsing Ceilings in Queens

By WRSH on August 16, 2016 - Comments off

I’m sure you’ve seen the viral video that a woman in Astoria, Queens took last month. A few days earlier, the apartment’s tenant had noticed a crack in her ceiling and notified the manager. Someone from the management company checked it out and said they would be back to fix it in a few days. Just days later, the tenant was moving furniture out from under the ceiling in anticipation of the repairman, when she heard cracking noises above her head. Wisely, she ran out of the room and pulled out her phone, just in time to record a large chunk of the ceiling collapsing where she’d been standing just seconds before. If you watch the video, you can see that the woman would have been seriously injured had she not run out of the room. Read the rest »

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Workers Buried in Brooklyn Cave In Accident

By WRSH on January 27, 2016 - Comments off

Construction AccidentThree workers were injured as they were buried up to their waist in dirt when the ground they were working in gave way. The cave-in accident occurred at a rowhouse on Wilson Street in Williamsburg. Officials say the building was under renovation when the ground caved in and the workers were buried. Two of the workers had to be dug out by firefighters. All three men suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Read the rest »

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Workers Injured in NYC Ceiling Collapse

By WRSH on December 11, 2015 - Comments off

Construction workerA ceiling partly caved in injuring two construction workers. The construction accident happened at 555 West End Avenue in New York City. The injured victims of this ceiling collapse were working at the former St. Agnes Boys High School. Their current condition is unknown and the cause of the collapse is under investigation.

There are many reasons why a ceiling may become prone to collapse. Some older buildings that have not been properly maintained tend to be more vulnerable. Other New York buildings have improper building materials, water damage, incorrect ductwork, or termite damage, making them prone to collapse. When a construction crew is asked to work in a potentially dangerous building with ceilings on the brink of collapse, steps must be taken to protect them and make sure the worksite is safe and secure. Read the rest »

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NY East Village Building Collapses, Sets off Seven-Alarm Fire

By WRSH on March 27, 2015 - Comments off

An explosion shook Manhattan’s East Village neighborhood around 3:15 p.m. Thursday afternoon, causing one building to collapse as two others were engulfed in flames. Units in the collapsed five-story building, located at 121 Second Ave., were leased by both commercial and residential tenants, according to the New York Times.

NY Building Collapse

Eyewitness News

At least 25 people have been injured and four are in critical condition with serious burns, the New York Fire Department told reporters. The blaze was quickly upgraded to a seven-alarm fire, indicating the severity and difficulty of the situation. Read the rest »

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