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Construction Sites Pose Many Risks to Pedestrians

By WRSH on August 19, 2017 - Comments off

Grader 2As a pedestrian walking around New York, you will inevitably find yourself near a construction site of some kind: new buildings, repairs or remodels of existing structures, housing developments, and so on. In these areas, numerous hazards and dangers present themselves. Read the rest »

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New York Traffic Law and Pedestrian Safety: Part 2

By WRSH on June 23, 2017 - Comments off

pedestrianSharing Sidewalks and Roads

In part 1 of this post, we discussed New York traffic laws for pedestrians.

Now, we will look at the second half of the sections dealing with pedestrians and explain what each one means. You should only use this as a general explanation of these laws, and speak to a knowledgeable attorney if you have specific questions or need legal advice. Read the rest »

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New York Traffic Law and Pedestrian Safety: Part 1

By WRSH on June 20, 2017 - Comments off

crosswalk-accidentWho Has the Right of Way?

There are many traffic laws in New York that apply specifically to pedestrians, and we’re going to take a look. This post is split into two parts; each part discussing different sections of New York traffic code. The original language of these sections is pretty complex and often excessive, so we’re going to try to make it easier to understand.

With that in mind, here is a simple breakdown of New York traffic laws for a pedestrian. This is only a general guide, however, and you should speak to an experienced lawyer for advice on specific laws and concerns. Read the rest »

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Do you know Safe Pedestrian Habits For The Holiday Shopping Season?

By WRSH on December 7, 2016 - Comments off

pedestrianAlthough walking on sidewalks and going shopping might not bring all the dangerous of operating a large motor vehicle on an icy road, there are still some habits and tips to keep in mind in order to make sure you stay safe. Sidewalks can present numerous dangers in winter for pedestrians, especially slush and ice that can be very treacherous. Watch out for wet and dangerous conditions in store entrances, and be mindful of other pedestrians to make sure no one is injured while shopping.

Perhaps the biggest danger as a pedestrian in New York during the winter season is sidewalks that are not properly maintained. Not only do you need to worry about cracks and uneven ground, but snow and ice can be very dangerous. Slip and fall injuries can range from bruises and sprains to broken bones and even severe head trauma. Be aware of snowy and icy conditions on sidewalks and walk carefully on slippery surfaces.

Read the rest »

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Is Pokemon Go Dangerous for Pedestrians?

By WRSH on August 24, 2016 - Comments off

Pokemon Go is a free-to-play game released for mobile smartphones that has become one of the most popular apps around. Players look at maps on their smartphone screens to find where to go in order to capture creatures called Pokemon, and then battle other players with similar creatures. It is fun and mostly harmless, yet there have been numerous accidents reported since the game’s release. In fact, the NYPD has issued warnings to players regarding their own safety.

There are a few unique dangers presented by playing Pokemon Go. As long as these are avoided, then it is a safe, fun game to play. Perhaps the biggest danger is caused by walking down a street while staring at the screen. Players can see not only where to go but also what Pokemon are present, and capture them using the screen on their smartphones.

Read the rest »

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How to Avoid Crosswalk Accidents

By WRSH on August 18, 2016 - Comments off

Pedestrian accidents, even in crosswalks, account for a fairly small number of vehicular crashes each year, but can be devastating for the pedestrian involved. Serious injury and fatality is more likely to occur for the pedestrian, who is unprotected against a vehicle, rather than the driver. As a pedestrian, it is important to know how to avoid these kinds of accidents, not only to ensure personal safety but to also reduce responsibility if there is a crash.

One of the best ways to avoid accidents in general is to use clearly marked crosswalks whenever possible. These are usually indicated by solid white lines that stretch from one sidewalk to another across an intersection. There may or may not be traffic signals and stop signs at these crosswalks, but drivers are more likely to be aware of pedestrian traffic in that location than in the middle of a street. Crossing where there is not a crosswalk, called “jaywalking,” is illegal in New York City and typically makes a pedestrian at least partially at fault in an accident. Read the rest »

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Woman Killed in Brooklyn Crash

By WRSH on January 24, 2016 - Comments off

Pedestrian AccidentA 77-year-old woman was killed crossing the street when a van driver failed to yield the right of way. The fatal pedestrian accident occurred at East 21st Street and Gravesend Neck Road in Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn. Officials say she was crossing the road when a 2005 Ford Econoline delivery van turned left and struck her. She was rushed to Coney Island Hospital but, died from her injuries. The 23-year-old Midwood driver behind the wheel of the van has been charged with failure to yield and failure to exercise due care. Read the rest »

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Woman Killed at Queens Intersection

By WRSH on October 21, 2015 - Comments off

Pedestrian AccidentA 52-year-old woman was killed and her relatives were among survivors of an accident involving an SUV losing control after running a red light. According to NBC New York news, the fatal pedestrian accident happened at Atlantic Avenue and 108th Street in Richmond Hill. Officials say a 43-year-old woman in an SUV went through the red light and was hit by a Kia. The SUV then jumped the sidewalk and struck a 2-year-old girl, her 48-year-old mother and a 52-year-old relative. Witnesses say one of the women tried to push the child out of the path of the car. Read the rest »

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Winter Walking Safety Tips for Pedestrians

By WRSH on February 10, 2014 - Comments off

In many parts of the United States, including New York, this winter has been one of the coldest and snowiest seasons on record.  For millions of New Yorkers, the snow and cold make it tough to walk to work, school, and other destinations.

Those who are braving the cold on foot should practice some basic safety tips to protect themselves from injury or illness in the cold weather and when facing traffic on slippery roads.

Read the rest »

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