New York Subway AccidentAccording to a recent report from the MTA, the number of deaths in New York City subway accidents has decreased – but the number of injuries has risen slightly.

In 2013, the MTA estimated, 151 people had been hit in subway accidents, compared to 141 incidents the previous year. However, while 55 people lost their lives in these accidents in 2012, only 53 died from their injuries in 2013, according to the agency. This means that while fewer people lost their lives, more were injured, leaving the MTA to redouble its efforts to protect passengers and reduce injuries.

Beginning in 2012, the MTA launched a public awareness campaign to warn subway users about the need to stand back from the edges of the subway platforms. The authority is also currently conducting a pilot program to test safety systems like motion sensors and thermal imaging cameras to help subway officials spot potential accidents before they occur.

Other organizations are also making efforts to reduce subway accidents. The Transport Workers Union Local 100, which represents subway workers, has urged its staff to slow down when entering stations, so they have more time to react if an accident occurs. However, transit officials who oppose this step say that slowing train speeds would increase crowding on platforms and ultimately raise the risk that a person would fall or get pushed into the path of a train.

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