Safer Train Travel TipsStatistically, trains are safer for passengers than vehicles – but accidents and injuries can still occur.  You can help yourself and your fellow passengers stay safer when riding on rail systems by keeping several safety tips in mind.

Planning Your Trip

Careful planning can help you ensure you have everything you need during a trip and that you keep your own health and safety in mind.  Amtrak and other rail systems provide information on working with the railway to provide accommodations for disabilities and other health conditions, as well as planning a trip so that you get the rest you need between stops.

Staying Safe at the Station

Common sense plays a big role in staying safe at rail stations and on platforms.  Stay alert – pay attention to your surroundings to reduce your chances of slipping, tripping, or bumping into something that might cause injury.  Keep your belongings together in your bag so that you have your hands free.  And always stand well back from the edge of the train platform until the train crew signals that it is safe for you to board.

On the Train

Help reduce your injury risk by staying seated when the crew instructs you to do so.  Stay seated while the train is moving unless you need to carry out a specific task, like going to the restroom.  Take note of features like emergency exits, and pay attention to any safety reviews or instructions the crew provides.

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