New York City is home to world-renowned restaurants, high fashion, groundbreaking museums and art, and dozens of plays and musicals. Each year, over 55 million tourists from around the world visit New York City to soak in its charm, history, and culture. If you are one of the many tourists who will flock to the city to see the dazzling storefront displays on 5th Avenue, experience the lighting of the Christmas tree, or ice skate under the stars this holiday season, we hope you enjoy your time in our hometown. We also want to urge you to practice safety in order to make your trip memorable without involving a hospital visit.

Braving New York City’s Winter Weather

One thing that shocks many tourists is how harsh the winter can be in the city. Between December and March, New York City frequently falls below freezing temperature and experiences ice and snow storms.

  • Dress in layers. A thick winter coat is necessary. Look for coats rated to withstand freezing temperatures. Layer underneath the coat with a sweater, shirt, jeans, and more. If you enter a building that is warm, you can easily peel off your layers to feel more comfortable. Don’t forget the gloves and hats!
  • Wear shoes that are comfortable but will help you walk on ice and snow. Many shoes, like sneakers, are not designed to give very good traction on slippery surfaces. Many winter outfitter stores sell special boots that give your feet a decent grip on the ice.
  • Avoid going out during snow storms. Find fun indoor activities like MOMA or a musical. During snow storms, snow and ice accumulate, increasing your risk of a dangerous slip and fall accident.

If you are injured due to a slip and fall caused by ice, Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP can assist you with determining whether you have a claim against the property owner. Property owners are required to remove ice from sidewalks, stairs, and entryways within a reasonable amount of time after a storm. If an owner should have been aware of icy conditions yet failed to reasonably inspect for ice and remedy the situation, he may be liable under premises liability law for any injuries that result.

Staying Safe on the Streets of New York City

New York City is infamous for crazy drivers and gridlocked traffic. If you are walking around and enjoying the sites, follow these simple safety tips.

  • Only walk on designated crosswalks and sidewalks.
  • Only cross the street when the walk sign is lit, even if it appears like no traffic is approaching.
  • Do not hail a taxi while standing in the street and ask the taxi driver to pull all the way up to the curb when dropping you off.
  • Keep your valuables locked in a safe.
  • Carry a map in the event your phone dies and you become lost.

New York Personal Injury Attorneys Providing Free Consultations

If you were injured in a slip and fall, involved in a car accident, or otherwise hurt during a trip to New York City, contact the skilled New York personal injury attorneys at Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP at (212) 986-7353 to schedule a free consultation.

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