weird easter traditionsIt’s almost Easter. And once again, families across the nation are looking forward to the many traditions that take place during the spring holiday. Egg painting, chocolate, bunnies, and egg hunting will be happening in homes everywhere. But Easter is a worldwide holiday, and not everyone celebrates in the same fashion as the U.S.

At Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP, we’ve decided to spotlight some of these funny, strange, and sometimes awesome Easter traditions from around the world.

Don’t You Mean Halloween? – In Finland, Easter takes on a decidedly Halloween theme. Children dress up as witches and go trick-or-treating during a festival, with bonfires lit to scare off witches, who are seen as becoming very powerful during that time.

It’s the Easter Bilby, Charlie Brown – In Australia, there is no Easter Bunny. Rather, it is the Easter Bilby who brings treats. The bilby is a small desert-dwelling marsupial that is endangered. Most see its recognition during Easter as bringing awareness to the endangered creature. Plus, bunnies are seen as pests on the continent.

But What If They’re Clean Shaven? – Tradition holds in Poland that men are forbidden from making Easter bread and possibly all food for the holiday. Why? Their mustaches will turn grey if they are in the kitchen. This was obviously created by some rather lazy men.

Fine Dining in Columbia – Everyone has their own traditional food for holidays, with chocolate and eggs as the go-to in the U.S. In Columbia? Easter dinners typically involve turtles, iguanas, and big rodents!

There Goes the Egg Hunt – Germans are especially proud of their Easter eggs. Rather than hide them for children to find, they are proudly hung from trees and displayed along the streets.

There are Other Colors, You Know … – In Greece, Easter eggs are only painted one color: red. And they’re put to good use, too! These red eggs are the only ones used in making the Easter bread.

Tastes Better Than Eggs – In Russia, chocolate bunnies are not the animal-shaped food of choice. Instead, they carve lambs out of butter and serve them with the holiday meal. We should consider adding this one to U.S. traditions.

Nothing Like a Good Easter Cigarette – Chocolate is not the item of choice for Easter in Papua New Guinea. Instead, tobacco is the thing. Churches and trees are decorated with cigarettes and tobacco. After Easter Sunday church services, expect to be handed some smokes as the whole congregation lights up together.

Hunting the Bunny, Not the Eggs – In New Zealand, hunting for Easter eggs is far too easy. Instead, celebrators go out and hunt rabbits. A cash prize is given to the hunter with the most killed rabbits and approximately 20,000 of the animals are killed each year.

Know of any other strange Easter traditions not on the list? Have one that your family celebrates? Let us know with a comment on our Facebook page!

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