New York Personal InjuryStudents all over New York are graduating this spring and summer. Graduation is a huge milestone in a teen’s or young adult’s life, and many family members and friends mark the occasion with a gift. Here are five ways to offer a gift the new graduate will love now and in the future:

Name That Major

For high school students who have already chosen a college major or for recent college graduates, a gift relating to their field of study is always helpful. For students entering a field of study, you can help them purchase what they’ll need: tools for auto mechanics students, lab equipment for science majors, or books for any student. Some schools offer gift cards; contact the school’s bookstore to find out.

Classic Chic

Jewelry, pen sets, and new clothing can all mark the transition from the life of a teenager or a student to professional adulthood. If you buy a new grad a great piece of jewelry or a nice tie, opt for the classic and understated instead of the trendy and current. A string of pearls or an understated silk tie are appropriate for a wide range of social and professional settings and can be worn for years – representing an investment in the future as well as a step forward in the present.

Toys Need Accessories Too

If your new graduate is particularly attached to his or her music player, smartphone, or tablet, consider purchasing a cool accessory for it. Gift cards for the iTunes store or Google Play are welcome, as are items like covers, speakers, and high-end headphones.

Beyond the Frame

Although many new grads appreciate framed photographs, photo albums are a better choice, especially if the grad is about to leave for school or for a new job. Or combine both ideas by purchasing a digital frame and memory stick loaded with photos of friends and family.

Gift Cash Creatively

Money is always appreciated by new grads, who have focused on their studies so extensively they may have had little time to acquire the funds they need to move forward. But you don’t have to simply slip cash or a check into a card like everyone else. Try putting money in a wallet or money clip or folding it into money origami.

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