NY Union LawyerUnions are built on the collective interests of their workers. For construction workers in New York, these interests often include receiving a fair and legal wage, having access to appropriate safety equipment, and ensuring that the terms of the union’s agreement with their employer are enforced.

While collective bargaining, grievances, and even picketing can go a long way toward enforcing a labor union’s right to fair and legal terms, some disputes need the experienced eye of an attorney who understands the complex nature of union agreements and construction labor laws. Here are some traits to look for in a construction labor union lawyer:

  • The lawyer understands how unions work. In a union, employees stand together to ensure their collective needs are met. The union’s attorney should understand the purpose of this collective approach and seek to ensure that agreements reflect the best interests of the union as a whole.
  • The lawyer knows the area of law at issue. Does the dispute center on unfair wage or hour practices? Is it about safety violations? Has bidding for projects been handled improperly? Does the union need to negotiate a new contract? Asking the attorney for his or her specific experience in the area of law that governs the union’s concerns can help you choose the right lawyer for the job.
  • The lawyer has experience handling construction-related disputes. The construction industry operates under a complex net of city, state, and federal regulations. An attorney with experience in construction will have insight into these regulations and how they apply.

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