New York Construction Labor Unions

At Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP, our experienced lawyers understand not only the complex body of laws that govern construction labor unions in New York, but also the needs and goals of the workers they represent. When it comes to securing workers' compensation benefits and settling union-related issues for construction workers, we take an aggressive, proactive approach to reaching the best possible outcome – every time.

If you are in need of counsel regarding an employment or labor issue as a construction worker, do not wait to contact the union attorneys at Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP. We have the experience necessary to help construction union members better their work situations. Call (212) 986-7353 or send us a free consultation form through our website to schedule a time to discuss your legal concerns.

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Skilled Litigation and Negotiation for NY Union Construction Workers

In the highly regulated and litigious environment of the construction industry, you need a legal ally on your side to ensure that your employment rights are protected every step of the way. With Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP, you will receive trusted legal counsel and effective representation when faced with the following matters:

Our knowledgeable lawyers work tirelessly to stay up-to-date on the latest legal and regulatory issues that affect the construction industry and its workers. Do not trust your employment and labor matter to just any lawyer. Let Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP work to enforce your union rights, benefits and protections, whether through mediation, negotiations, and if necessary, litigation.

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Representing Construction Unions of New York

When it comes to working in construction, the ever-present dangers on the jobsite become even more daunting when you consider how difficult it can be to recover your rightful workers' compensation following an accident. If you have been injured on a worksite, you need your workers' comp to come through as soon as possible. Unfortunately, as a union worker, the specific deadlines and regulations governing your benefits can interfere with your ability to recover. Let the dedicated legal team at Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP work for you. We can help you get the benefits you are entitled to without hassle or worry.

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Call Our NY Construction Union Law Firm

Don't let the politics of your union membership and representation interfere with your legal rights and options. Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP will work with you and your construction union to help you get the benefits to which you are entitled. Contact us to learn more about how we can help in a free, confidential case review. Call (212) 986-7353 today.

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