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Electrical Injuries Caused by Lockout/Tagout & Power Line Accidents

The construction boom in New York City is providing ongoing work for thousands of workers, including locals and workers from out-of-state or from other countries. The massive increase in fatalities in the construction industry in recent years has the brought the industry under scrutiny by city leaders. The shocking number of deaths include electrical injuries and power line accidents that leave workers severely burned, or fatally injured.

Safety Violations: Lockout/Tagout

Two-thirds of recent OSHA construction inspections resulted in citations for serious safety violations, according to the New York Times. Even so, the same construction companies continue to be involved in projects throughout the New York City area. Lockout/Tagout failures are often the underlying cause of serious injuries. Equipment that is being maintained may not have been disconnected from the power source, or released hazardous stored energy. Tagout warning devices are required to protect those who are servicing equipment, but are easier to remove and provide less protection than lockout devices. In either case, a violation can leave a worker permanently or fatally injured.

The penalties imposed on these companies are minimal and have not proved to deter companies that consistently put workers in harm’s way. These companies must be held accountable. That’s when the New York construction accident attorneys at Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro & Halperin, LLP gets involved. Were you or your family member seriously injured or killed in an electrical injury while working construction? Our goal is to help you pursue full justice.

Electrical Accidents on Construction Sites in New York City

Construction companies and utilities are required to employ strict safety measures on construction sites. Unfortunately, in many cases, these companies may not put worker safety above the quest for profits. Unsafe, jury-rigged electrical systems for elevators on sites, or unprotected electrical cables to provide power for various equipment can transfer high voltage electricity directly into the construction worker’s body, leading to instant death.

Construction Sites and Electrocution Injuries

Workers that survive contact with electric power supplies or power lines are often left with permanent disabilities. Common types of injuries sustained in these avoidable accidents include:

  • Disfiguring burns
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Loss of muscular control
  • Respiratory arrest
  • Nerve damage

Those that survive may suffer permanent damage due to catastrophic injuries. They may no longer be able to work or function in any capacity, as well as requiring long term hospitalization, surgeries and other treatment.

New York City Safety Laws and Rampant Violations

Safety regulation violations on construction sites are rampant in New York City. Although the area has some of the nation’s most stringent construction safety regulations, with 25 new laws enacted since 2008 in an effort to increase safety on construction sites, the number of fatalities continue to rise at an alarming rate, including electrical and power line injuries and deaths. Construction workers on sites that violate safety regulations associated with power supplies can inadvertently make contact, with disaster as the outcome. High voltage from lines that provide power to electrical cranes, welders, pumps, elevators, and hoists, if not properly installed, can leave a worker dead or permanently disabled.

Lawyers Providing Legal Help to Electrical Accident Injury Victims in New York

At our firm, our mission is to help the injured pursue justice and full compensation. Our litigation team is exceptional in their dedication, and ability to craft a powerful, well-documented case against a construction company that has violated safety standards. We take on limited numbers of cases, and you can be confident that your electrical injury case will be given the full focus of your NY personal injury attorney.

Call our firm and get immediate assistance if you or a loved one has been seriously injured by contact with power lines, lockout/tagout violations or other electrical injuries. We can be reached at (212) 986-7353.

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