WRSMH attorney, Kenneth J. Halperin, recently obtained a $565,000 settlement for a former N.Y.C.T.A worker who sustained an electrical shock while inspecting a propulsion system supplied by a foreign manufacturer. The case involved complex products liability and negligence issues and was litigated in Federal Court, Southern District.

During the discovery phase of the case we conducted over a dozen depositions and reviewed, with our experts, thousands of pages of documents provided by the manufacturer which revealed the intricacies of the design and installation process of this propulsion system. We ultimately convinced the defendant that we would be able to prove that the cause of the electrical shock was a direct result of the manufacturer's decision to allow the testing of its product to take place after removing a necessary safety cover. Our client was injured when his hand came into contact with a portion of the propulsion system that should have been guarded by the cover.

As a result of the accident, our client sustained multiple injuries including a mild traumatic brain injury that left him with memory and cognitive problems. We were able to settle the case during a mediation in Federal Court before a Magistrate Judge.

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