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Ken is responsible not only for the litigation aspects of the case, but also the day to day management of the cases in which he and other attorneys in his group are involved. His primary goal, and that of the firm, is to work closely with all of our clients on their cases from inception through settlement or trial. Ken’s goal is to maximize every client’s recovery by focusing on each aspect of their claim that leads to large settlements and verdicts. This includes ensuring that all of his client’s pain and suffering claims are documented not only for treatment that they have had, but as important, treatment that they will need in the future; maximizing recovery of lost wages and other collateral sources, like pension and annuities; and finally focusing on the calculation of future medical expenses that his client’s may endure and thus need to be compensated for.

Along with several other attorneys at WRSMH Ken also regularly lectures on construction site workplace safety at several NYC local union halls during the union members local meetings and mandatory trade instruction classes.

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