Construction worksites in New York City are filled with machinery and environments that are inherently dangerous, especially if someone is careless. Even with caution, however, there are certain situations that are simply more likely to cause an accident that others. These hazards can be avoided or approached with greater care, which can greatly reduce the chance of New York construction accidents.

Scaffolding is one of the most dangerous potential hazards at any worksite. When erected properly, there is nothing inherently dangerous about scaffolding. Too often, however, improper care is used when setting up and positioning scaffolding. Safe scaffolds need to be built from durable materials that can support plenty of weight, on stable locations that will keep it from shifting or moving.

Falls make up the majority of workplace injuries in construction and many other fields. In construction, however, improper fall protection is often the biggest danger, since falls can occur even when great care is taken by a worker. Fall protection includes guardrails to help prevent falls, as well as harnesses and rigging to protect a person in a case of a fall, and even safety nets in certain situations.

Ladders and stairways can be extremely hazardous in a construction site. Falling from a ladder can result in serious injury to a person’s back, shoulders, and other areas, and stairway falls have shockingly high fatality rates. It is important for ladders to be set up securely in a stable location, and for anyone using a ladder to do so properly and safely. Stairways should always be well lit at night and kept clear of debris, as well as sheltered from rain and ice that can make them slippery.

Trenching at a construction site can be very dangerous due to the possibility of collapse. It is vital that an engineering professional always be responsible for digging trenches on a worksite to ensure they are done properly and safely. Unprotected trenches should never be entered, and site managers should always know who is in a trench and for how long.

There are hundreds of cranes in use in NYC at any given time, and they present a number of unique hazards. One of the greatest dangers in crane use is the arm or a load striking a worker. It is important that everyone be aware of a crane in use and know what the swing radius around the crane is, so they can work safely on the site. Injuries and fatalities can also occur due to objects unsafely dropped from a crane, or due to a crane coming into contact with an electrical line. Caution should be used by the crane operator, as well as those around the machinery. Let Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP assist you or a loved one who has been injured in a construction accident, call us today at 212-986-7353 and let us give you the help that you need.