With the exception of a few particular clauses, bicyclists in New York are governed by the same traffic laws as different vehicle drivers. These are designed to keep bicyclists safe and help them travel throughout New York’s busy streets, just the same as any other vehicle.

However, if you are bicycling, it is important to remember these legal guidelines to avoid a New York City bike accident and prevent accidental violations of the law.

The following are a few rules to remember as issued by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT).

  • Bicyclists are expected to adhere to all traffic signs and lights.
  • Riders are required to properly gesture when making a turn, regardless of whether or not the terrain is a designated bike path or lane or a common roadway.
  • Motorists are required to apply the same rules as they would for other vehicles on the road (with respect to turning, yielding, etc, as well as additional caution due to the vulnerable nature of bicycle riders).
  • Riders who break traffic laws can be issued tickets. If the rider is a minor, parents may be held accountable for violations.
  • Bicyclists can legally ride on the majority of public roads. However, they are not allowed on expressways, interstate highways. and other large designated thoroughfares.
  • For the most part, bicyclists are required to stay off pedestrian sidewalks. This is determined by local municipalities though, and some do allow children to ride on sidewalks.
  • Bike riders are required to ride in the direction that traffic is moving. Riders moving in opposition to traffic is the leading cause of bike accidents on the road. Riding with the flow of cars gives bikers added visibility, makes maneuvers easier to anticipate and gives motor vehicle drivers more time to react.

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