bicycle-city-bicycles-new york-to rent-city bikesIn New York, bicycles are allowed to operate on roads just like motorized vehicles. Motorists are expected to “share the road” with bicyclists. If everyone plays his or her part, accidents will be reduced.

Bicycles on the Road

In general, cyclists are given the same rights as motorists, though certain differences and restrictions are noteworthy. The rider of a bicycle is expected to go with the direction of traffic, staying as far to the right of the road as possible. Cyclists are not allowed to weave in and out of traffic, or to use the size of their bicycles to move around vehicles when doing so would present a danger to other drivers, cyclists, or pedestrians.

Driver Safety Around Cyclists

Drivers must show caution around bicycles, slowing down when necessary and passing only when they can do so at a safe distance. Whenever a driver turns left or right, he must be careful not to cut off a cyclist—that can result in an accident and serious injury to the biker. It is also expected of drivers that they not park in a way that blocks off bicycle lanes. Drivers who park on the side of the road must check for cyclists before opening their doors.

Bicycle Lanes and Sidewalks

Cyclists in New York are expected to use a bicycle lane when one is provided. These are lanes clearly marked for use by bicycles. Cars are not permitted to use these lanes. It is worth noting that while riding a bicycle on the sidewalk is not illegal throughout all of New York State, some individual towns and cities have laws prohibiting it.

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