While a little drizzle might not be enough to keep you off the city streets, there are some weather conditions so severe that you should just stay in for the night.

Snowstorms in New York can render roads impassable and bury everything under mountains of slush, snow, and ice. Rainstorms and hurricanes can also be so intense that driving is a really bad idea. While fog might not be the first hazard you think of in the city, it can be especially dangerous if you are heading for the Adirondacks.

The Whiteout

Blizzards and snowstorms might not get fancy names like hurricanes do, but they are among the most common serious weather conditions in New York. Driving in snow can be very dangerous since slippery roads, especially when ice is present, reduce traction and leave you with little control over your vehicle. Even if you drive slowly and maintain a semblance of control, you can still get stuck in a snow drift and potentially end up with a ticket or have your vehicle towed.

Rain and Wind

While snow might be dramatic, rain is actually more dangerous for drivers in areas like New York. We get so used to snow and ice that we can be overconfident when it comes to “a little rain.” Rain and wind can make driving very dangerous and hurricane conditions, like those from Sandy in 2012, can turn roads into impassable disaster areas with fallen debris and zero visibility. Even if the rain is pretty light and you decide to go out into it, slow down and remember how dangerous slippery roads really are.

A Foggy Situation

Fog might not be New Yorkers’ biggest concern, but foggy conditions can be more common outside the city and are especially dangerous on country roads with poor lighting. Heavy fog greatly reduces visibility and can actually reflect and refract light from headlights and taillights, making it difficult for drivers to tell exactly where other vehicles are. Since foggy conditions are pretty rare, they are even more dangerous since most drivers do not have much practice dealing with them.

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