With the warm summer weather on the way, we are entering the busy construction season. The streets of New York will be lined with orange barrels and detour signs leading to longer commutes. Along with the increase in the construction-related activity we also begin to notice the disturbing and all too familiar headlines:

“Worker severely injured at Theatre District construction site”
“One dead and one in stable condition when lift overturns at Midtown construction project”
“Roof collapses at Queensbridge unit expansion project—two workers severely injured”

According to the US Department of Labor, the most common construction accidents are:

  • A result of falling, tripping or slipping
  • A consequence of worker contact with equipment
  • Involve a worker being struck by an object

What is the nature of the most common construction worker injuries or illnesses?

  • Sprains: These injuries involve damage to the ligaments, the tissue connecting your bones. The ankle is the most common area of occurrence.
  • Strains: Involves damage to either muscles or tendons. Tendons are the critical link between muscles and our bones. Strains of the upper body are most likely to impact the lower back region. In the lower body, the most common location is in the hamstrings, in the rear of the thigh.
  • Tears: Most commonly occur when cartilage is torn within the knee.
  • Soreness: Aches and pains resulting from trauma to a muscle, which may increase in intensity over the course of a day.
  • Pain: An unpleasant symptom stemming from bodily damage.
  • Bruises: When there is blood vessel damage beneath the skin, blood rises and collects near the surface resulting is tenderness and skin coloration.
  • Contusions: A variation of a bruise resulting from impact damaging a deep tissue.

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