Each year during the winter, health and workers’ compensation insurance companies see a spike in claims for treatment of injuries caused by slip and falls. Slipping on ice and snow during the cold season accounts for almost one-third of all workplace accidents. In addition to suffering through pain and mobility issues, victims of slip and fall accidents in New York also face multiple collateral consequences, such as missing work.
In states like New York that experience long winter seasons filled with blizzards, icy rain, and below-freezing temperatures, the opportunities for an accident are numerous. You don’t want to spend your holiday season in bed while your loved ones enjoy ice skating, sledding at Central Park, and shopping. Below, our New York Personal Injury Attorneys have gathered some tips to help you avoid an untimely winter-weather slip and fall accident.

Avoiding an Accident

  • Wear slip-resistant shoes such as boots that provide traction and help your feet grip the ice or snow.
  • Stay vigilant for “black” ice that blends in with dark pavement.
  • Exit buildings and vehicles slowly, always checking for ice.
  • Wipe your shoes off when entering a building and watch for any puddles in the doorway.
  • Avoid poorly lit areas after a storm.
  • Keep your hands free so that if you lose your balance, you can try to stop your fall.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall

If you are unlucky and are caught by surprise by a patch of ice this holiday season, follow these simple tips:

  • If you are unable to get up, call for help. Do not try to force yourself up if something feels broken or sprained as the sudden movement may exacerbate your injury.
  • If you hit your head, try to stay awake until you can seek medical care for a possible concussion.
  • Maintain copies of your medical records and bills from doctors’ offices and hospitals.
  • Notify your employer if you are unable to return to work due to your injuries.

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