Falls from scaffolding accidents are among the most common construction and worksite accidents in New York. These kinds of falls are all-too-frequent and can be the result of negligence, improper equipment or scaffold setup, or inattentiveness from other workers. No matter what caused the accident, there are some serious consequences and injuries that can result from them, so be aware of the dangers from such a fall.

Perhaps the most common type of injury from a scaffolding accident is a crush or compression injury. This occurs due to the impact with the ground or other surface after falling from a height. The higher up you are when you fall, the more speed you will have when you hit the ground, which makes the impact more forceful. Crushing injuries from a scaffolding fall can result in broken bones, serious bruising, and even concussion. Damage to internal organs can also occur as a result of a fall and impact, which can be difficult to detect, so seek medical assistance after any serious fall.

Head injuries commonly occur as a result of a scaffolding accident in New York. These types of injuries can be very serious and result in brain damage or traumatic injury. There are a wide range of affects that can come from brain damage, including sensory loss such as blindness or hearing loss, difficulty speaking or recognizing people, and an inability to function on a daily basis. Serious brain damage can also lead to swelling that can be potentially fatal, making head injuries from a scaffolding accident more serious than just about any other type.

Neck and back injuries to the spine after a fall can be very severe and anyone who suffers such an injury should not be moved after the accident. Only emergency medical personnel should move someone who has potentially injured the neck or back. Spinal damage can result in tremendous ongoing pain and diminished mobility, which often requires long-term treatment, surgery, and physical therapy to recover completely. Serious injuries to the neck and back can even result in life-long paralysis.

Any injury from a fall due to a scaffolding accident is serious and medical assistance and treatment should be sought immediately after such an event. Depending on the nature of the accident, someone may be liable for what happened and responsible for your medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering. If you or someone you know has been injured, call the New York scaffolding injury lawyers at Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP today at (212) 986-7353. Tell us about your case and we can help you understand your options and rights.