NY Product LiabilityIKEA recently announced a recall of several of its children’s bed canopies because infants or small children can get tangled in the canopy’s fabric, suffering strangulation or other injuries.

The canopies are about seven feet long and about two feet wide.  They are designed to hang above a child’s bed, with the tails of the canopy draping down over the bed.  About 255,000 of the recalled canopies were sold in the United States, and an additional 7,000 were sold in Canada.  Overall, about 2.6 million of the recalled canopies were sold nationwide.

So far, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) notes nine instances of children becoming entangled in the canopies worldwide.  They include one case in which a 7-month-old child pulled the canopy fabric into her crib and wrapped it several times around her neck.  The CPSC has not said whether this or any other instance resulted in injury or death.

Owners of the canopies should immediately take them down and put them out of reach of children.  Then, they may return the canopy to an IKEA store or contact IKEA for a full refund.  The company can be reached at (888) 966-4532 or online at www.ikea-usa.com.

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