Power outages can happen any time of year.  In summer, storms and electrical grid overload are the two most common sources of power outages.

Although we rely on electricity in many areas of our lives, it can be dangerous when handled improperly – and certain health risks loom larger when electricity is not available.  Consider these tips from experienced New York injury attorneys to protect yourself and those you love during a power outage this summer.

  • If you buy a generator to provide energy when the power is out, never run it indoors.  Carbon monoxide and other deadly substances can build up, causing serious injury.  Run the generator outdoors only, and follow all safety and operating instructions that come with the generator. You may want to check the Consumer Product Safety Commission Web site, cpsc.gov, to ensure that your generator has not been recalled.
  • Keep your refrigerated foods and medications safe for longer by filling any extra space in your refrigerator and freezer with jugs of water.  Filling extra fridge space also helps your fridge and freezer run more efficiently when the power is on.  Check with the Food and Drug Administration at fda.gov for tips on using refrigerated medication and food safely when the power is out.
  • If you see a downed power line, do not approach it, and keep children and pets away from it as well.  Instead, contact your power company immediately to alert them about the location of the downed power line. If the line is throwing sparks or seems to be “live,” you may wish to contact the local fire department as well.

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