New Yorkers are a tough bunch, and know how to deal with the heat and humidity of summer, along with the freezing temperatures that hit in the winter months. While extremes in weather are a normal occurrence in the city, blizzards and extreme cold are occurring more frequently.

Prepping for a storm is a critical part of staying safe, healthy, and avoiding injuries. At Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP, we offer some tips to help you and your family survive extreme cold and blizzard conditions. Half of the battle is being prepared!

  • Stock Up Early. Ensure you have plenty of food and water; enough to last three days at least. The Red Cross advises that you need about one gallon of water per day per person in the household. You will need non-perishable food for your family (and pets) to last during a long power outage. Rather than waiting until the last minute, when everyone is flooding into the stores to stock up, get it done early!
  • Ensure You Have Enough Medication. Many people require certain medications to stay healthy, and run into serious problems when a medication, whether for diabetes or another condition, runs low in a blizzard. Ensure you have at least seven days of medication with you at home: you may be unable to get to a pharmacy to refill your prescription in extreme weather conditions.
  • Plan for a Power Outage. When the power goes out, you can be left in darkness and cold if unprepared. Keep the phone number of Con Edison handy, along with the number of your building superintendent. You may need help. Your landlord is required to provide you with a home with heat and water, and when the power is off, he or she should be ready to assist you. Some types of non-electric space heaters are dangerous, so if you have a back-up heating plan, ensure you only purchase a heater that is 100% safe for indoor use and follow the placement instructions.
  • Join Together – It’s a Team Effort. You and your neighbors can work together to make a serious storm less dangerous. If the streets are impassable, your superintendent may be unable to clear the snow as required by law. Check in on any elderly neighbors or neighbors with young children to assist if needed. Pulling together can save lives.
  • Create a Safety Plan with Your Family. Make plans on how to contact your family members should a dangerous winter storm hit NYC. Family members who live far away will be concerned and will need to hear from you. Phones could be down, and you may need an alternative, such as using social media sites. Investigate your options and plan accordingly.
  • Build a Safety Kit. You may need to venture out, even when conditions are dangerous. Build a safety kit that contains all you will need to survive the extreme cold. Never venture out without warm, slip-resistant footwear, a hat, gloves, a flashlight, and items such as handwarmers, water, and a fully-charged cellphone and backup power source.
  • Avoid Driving. The best plan in a serious winter storm is to stay put. If you must drive due to an emergency, never venture out without a fully-stocked emergency kit in your vehicle. If a winter storm is coming, fill your gas tank and put your kit in the vehicle in preparation. It should include blankets, water, non-perishable food items, a flashlight, and a first-aid kit.
  • Stay in the Loop. You need to be aware of developments and services offered in New York. Keep a battery-operated radio and plenty of extra batteries so you can stay in the loop and access any help or services offered by the city.

In Cases of Injury or Loss of Life: Get Legal Help.

At Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP, our legal team stands ready to assist people who suffer a serious injury due to an act of negligence during extreme weather conditions. Unfortunately, part of inclement weather is icy, slick streets; sidewalks that pose a serious danger of slipping and falling.

You may be uncertain whether you have a personal injury case. This can be established in a free case consultation offered by our New York personal injury law firm. We are proud of our reputation for legal excellence, and have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for the injured over our 50+ years in practice.

The bottom line is this: Not all law firms are equal in how they approach injury cases. As trial lawyers, we do not shy away from taking a case to court if this is in the best interests of the client. You can be confident your case will be in the hands of a law firm that has achieved a longstanding reputation for success. Call us at (212) 986-7353 today for a free case evaluation.

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