Rockefeller Center is one of the most famous and visited locations in New York City. Every year, millions of visitors come to see the plaza, eat at the fantastic restaurants, and of course see the magnificent tree and skate on the ice in winter. Planning ahead not only helps make your visit easier, but can also keep you safe while enjoying everything the Center has to offer. Buy tickets ahead of time to attractions you might want to see, come early for ice skating, and make sure to walk safely on winter sidewalks and always be aware of your possessions.

While planning out every aspect of a vacation may seem unnecessary, with some care you can make your visit as fun and carefree as possible. Rockefeller Center has a lot to offer, and many of the activities require tickets or planning ahead to enjoy as easily and safely as you can. For example, tours are available that take you up to the top of the plaza to get a great view of the area and to learn about the history and beauty of Rockefeller Center. Buying tickets ahead of time for one of these tours can make it fast and easy to show up and enjoy the plaza.

When coming in winter, you will no doubt want to see the tree and perhaps go skating on the ice rink below it. You may be able to reserve a time on the ice, but more likely you will want to purchase a general admission ticket to go skating. These are available first-come, first-served, so plan on being there early to enjoy your experience. While walking around the plaza and heading to Rockefeller Center, be aware of snow or ice on the sidewalks and walk carefully to avoid slip and fall injuries.

Any gathering of people, especially tourists, can be a perfect place for pickpockets to watch for opportunities to steal possessions and valuables. Always keep track of your purse or wallet and make sure any necklaces or other jewelry you wear is secure. When travelling with children, make sure you have a plan on where to meet if you get separated, and stress the importance of young people being aware of their surroundings while in large groups.

Enjoying the winter season at Rockefeller Center is a safe and picturesque way to celebrate the holidays. If you do happen to end up injured, however, call Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP to discuss your case at (212) 986-7353 today.

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