New York Premises LiabilityAccording to The New York Times, despite a dramatic decrease in cases of lead poisoning in young children, the hazards are far from eliminated in many New York homes. Lead-based paint is still found in many older, poorly maintained buildings due to lack of compliance among landlords and homeowners, particularly in Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens.

For a 26-year-old mother in Staten Island, the risk of lead poisoning became very real when she learned son, 2, had more than twice the level of lead deemed dangerous by the federal government in his system. The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene inspected the woman’s apartment in Port Richmond following the toddler’s diagnosis and found 23 out of 154 positive readings for lead in the walls and windowsills.

In many cases, such high levels of toxic lead are the result of lax enforcement of New York City’s laws requiring landlords to inspect and report lead-based paint in homes with children, in addition to willful negligence on the part of many landlords.

What are the Dangers of Lead Poisoning?

Exposure to high levels of lead or ingesting lead-based paint or dust can lead to serious health problems in young children, particularly with regard to mental develop. Additional health risks include:

  • Problems with hearing,
  • Delayed growth and development,
  • Brain and nervous system damage, and
  • Hyperactivity and similar learning difficulties.

While children are the most at risk of the damaging effects of lead poisoning, adults can also suffer reproductive problems, difficulty during pregnancy, nerve disorders, and high blood pressure as a result of lead exposure.

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