New York PhotographySummer is one of the best times to capture the many sights of New York City, whether using your smart phone, or, if you’re an old-fashioned kind of person, a Nokia 35mm. The Big Apple is abundant with pictorial photo shoot spots, what with all the historical sites, tall buildings, neon lights, and other eye-catching objects. Pick any direction, start walking, and you’re bound to come across some good photo opportunities. However, if you really want your photos to impress go to these select locations below and get that perfect picture you’ve been seeking.

Twilight at Times Square

Times Square seems like an obvious location, but it’s not the where that matters in this case, but the when. Lots of bad photos are taken in Times Square due to suboptimal lighting conditions; at the wrong times, it’s easy to get either dim or hazy photos. If you want postcard quality photos of Times Square, start shooting right after the sun has set. The sky won’t be too bright as to wash out the city lights, but it also won’t be too dark to cause the camera’s light meter to falter due to harsh contrast. Make sure you scout out some good spots and angles before the time comes.

Look Up from the Floor of Grand Central

Extreme angles combined with interesting interiors make for great photos. Take your camera to Grand Central Terminal, shoot low to the floor, and point up. Capture the sweeping ceiling, the awe-inspiring zodiac designs, and the beautiful high arched windows all in one frame. A photo like this is sure to get all the ‘likes’ from your friends on Facebook.

Another High Angle Shot with the Rockefeller Center

When snapping a photo of one of the many tall buildings in NYC, you want to not only capture the whole building from bottom to top within the frame, but also encapsulate the grandiose essence of the structure, to the point of giving the viewer of the photo a dizzying sensation. For example, if you want to take a good picture of the Rockefeller Center, don’t take a picture from far away. Instead, get up close and personal, align your camera in portrait mode, angle your lens up so it captures the whole building in a tight frame, and snap away.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

This is the prime spot to shoot full pictures that contain delectable details at every range. Here, you can capture New Yorkers and tourists walking the promenade or lounging on benches, the length of the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge, and the lower Manhattan skyline, all in one frame!

Remember to use your imagination, have fun, and feel free to experiment however you like when you’re out shooting. If you’ve discovered other great photography spots in NYC, please share them with us on the Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP Facebook page.

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