makeup-eyeshadow-mascara-applying-primpingThere are three key types of distractions that can occur while driving:

    1. visual,
  1. manual, and
  2. cognitive.

Adjustments to hair and makeup, shaving, or other cosmetic efforts while driving can involve all three types.

Safe driving in New York requires having both hands on the wheel, watching the road and surroundings carefully, and staying focused to adapt to traffic. Primping can make this much more difficult or impossible, which can result in serious and even deadly consequences.

Checking or Applying Makeup

Applying your makeup while driving is incredibly dangerous for a number of reasons. It involves a driver taking his or her eyes off the road and one or even both hands off the steering wheel. During this time, it is much more difficult to properly react to anything that happens outside. Since makeup is most often applied around the eyes, there is the added danger of makeup ending up in the driver’s eyes, a whole other kind of harm.

Combing Hair and Adjusting Clothing

A driver should not comb or adjust his or her hair while driving, as this takes focus and attention away from the road. Combing hair can involve looking in the rearview mirror and holding a comb, sometimes even using a second hand while doing so. This compromises a driver’s ability to control a vehicle and see what is going on around him or her. Driving is also a dangerous time to try to make adjustments to clothing, since doing so can shift the driver’s foot off the pedal.

Shaving and Grooming on the Road

Shaving, particularly with an electric razor, is fairly common among certain elements of the driving population. Since it requires focus and attention, uses one or both hands, and often involves looking in a mirror, it’s not good to attempt while driving. The loud sound of an electric razor can also make it more difficult to hear other vehicles, including the sirens of emergency workers. Other types of grooming such as brushing teeth, wiping off hands, and using tissues also present similar distractions.

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