An iron worker was killed recently when huge steel beams slipped and fell as they were being lifted to the roof of the Barclays Center from the back of a truck. The 52-year-old was a subcontractor working with the crew constructing a vegetative green roof for the Brooklyn arena.

According to another construction worker on the site, the truck driver allegedly unhooked the top heavy load of heavy beams without direction when four of the beams fell on the iron worker. The man was taken to the Brooklyn Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Investigation to determine the exact cause of the fatal accident is currently underway.

Falling object accidents pose a serious threat to workers, particularly on construction sites where massive building materials are used to erect high-rises and other tall buildings. However, even small objects, such as a tape measure, can be deadly to those on the ground when dropped from several stories up. When working with heavy machinery, large building materials, and exceedingly great heights, the risk of death is that much higher.

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