How to Choose the Best Personal Injury Attorney for Construction Site Accidents

By WRSH on November 15, 2021

construction lawyerChoosing a lawyer to represent you may be the most crucial decision you make in your construction accident case. Your best chance of recovering full compensation is to have a skilled and dedicated legal advocate by your side. Before you begin your search, it is important to know what to look for in a New York personal injury attorney or law firm.

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The Deadliest Jobs in America

By WRSH on November 9, 2021

A total of 4,764 fatal work injuries were recorded in the U.S. in 2020, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Workplace accidents can happen in any industry, but some jobs are more dangerous than others. Transportation and jobs involving heavy equipment rank among the deadliest in America.

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The Dangers of a Roofing Accident

By WRSH on October 30, 2021

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) lists falls among the top dangers for construction workers. When falls happen from significant heights, like rooftops, serious injuries can occur. Rooftop falls can happen for a variety of reasons, ranging from inadequate scaffolding to just plain negligence. New York offers injured workers a range of options for seeking compensation. If you or a loved one suffered a rooftop accident while on the job, you can apply for workers’ compensation benefits. Alternatively, you can pursue damages through an injury claim or lawsuit.

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Important Safety Procedures for Falling Objects

By WRSH on October 24, 2021

Rain, hail, and snow should be the only answer to the question “Is the sky falling?” But construction materials, tools, and equipment? They should stay on the ground, attached to workers’ belts, or away from high drops. A single falling object can severely injure a construction worker, even if he or she is wearing a hard hat. Yet these accidents can be prevented when employers utilize proper safety measures.

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Never Settle for Less After a Construction Accident

By WRSH on October 20, 2021

Negligence at a job site should never be accepted, whether it is failing to correctly secure scaffolding, a reckless excavation, or not providing workers with mandatory safety equipment. Construction sites are inherently dangerous, and workers should always feel safe knowing that their employers, other workers, and other parties are not putting them in danger. Unfortunately, construction accidents are commonplace throughout New York, and a single accident can change a worker’s life. While workers’ compensation is mandatory in our state and an important source of compensation, victims should consider working with a dedicated attorney who will fight to get them the highest possible award.

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Why You Should Pursue All Forms of Compensation After a Construction Accident

By WRSH on June 16, 2021

Two workers on a construction site with an orange backgroundConstruction is dangerous – especially in New York City. Almost every day, workers suffer catastrophic injuries through no fault of their own. Following a spinal cord injury or blow to the head, you may need extensive medical care to move on with your life, which will cost a pretty penny. During this time, you may lose out on work or have to change careers, and suffer a huge drop in income.

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The Results of Operation Hardhat

By WRSH on February 25, 2021

As part of an initiative to increase roadway safety and reduce serious auto accidents in New York construction zones, state officials launched Operation Hardhat in 2019. This program was a collaborative effort between State Police, the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), and the New York State Thruway Authority. Once again, this program went into effect in 2020 starting last July and resulted in a massive increase in traffic tickets being issued when compared to other parts of the year.

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Identifying a Head Injury After a Construction Accident

By WRSH on January 26, 2021

Construction sites can be messy, chaotic, and noisy, making it difficult for workers to perform their duties safely. Even if workers are following every safety procedure and using their equipment correctly, they always run the risk of suffering a serious injury, especially if someone else is not taking the same precautions. The most dangerous injuries include some form of head trauma. While you may think a minor blow to the head is nothing to worry about, you should still see a doctor, especially if you are experiencing the following symptoms.

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Keeping Safe During a New York Excavation

By WRSH on September 30, 2020

Trench collapses are among the greatest dangers that construction workers face. If not properly secured or reviewed after rainfall, a cave-in can occur, leading to serious or fatal injuries to workers in it and even those standing around it. This is also a major issue as New York construction ramps up again. If a property owner or supervisor failed to ensure a trench is safe to work in or failed to close down their job site safely, then workers could be put in serious danger of suffering traumatic injuries.

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Operation Hardhat and Construction Zone Accidents

By WRSH on September 23, 2020

The construction industry is extremely dangerous for New York workers, especially those that handle our city’s infrastructure. Not only do road crews work with powerful and often dangerous equipment, but they must also contend with great heights, complicated projects, and negligent drivers. While everyone knows they should slow down in a construction zone and strictly follow all traffic laws, in addition to road crew directions, many drivers still choose to recklessly endanger road crews.

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