Construction workers are often seasoned professionals, familiar with OSHA and NYC Department of Buildings safety regulations – or could be new to the trade. With the endless construction projects in NYC, workers come from other states or countries, and must be trained in the proper methods and procedures to avoid accidents and injuries.

While construction accidents are frighteningly common in the city, most serious injuries and deaths could have been prevented had workers been thoroughly trained on the proper use of equipment and how to work safely around the many hazards on the site.

Poor Training Leads to Injuries and Deaths on NYC Construction Sites

Training is required on construction sites, but may be skipped altogether, or barely cover the critical safety rules that keep people safe. When training is nonexistent or poor, the risk of accidents and injuries is radically increased, as a worker without proper training is far more likely to make serious errors, putting everyone at risk. The types of accidents associated with improper training include but are not limited to:

OSHA Worker Training Guidelines

OSHA provides an array of materials to assist in training construction workers, including publications, videos and other materials. The rules covering employee training can be summarized as:

  • Construction workers must be trained on the tasks, conditions, situations, and the tools used in performing their work.
  • The training must be delivered in the language and vocabulary that the worker understands well.
  • The training should occur as often as possible to ensure safety on the site, with new employee orientations and annual refresher training for existing personnel on the site.
  • All training sessions must be documented and saved.

Should Employers be held Accountable for Poor Safety Training?

There is no legitimate reason to deliver poor safety training, however, it does occur, and when it does, accidents happen. An employer that has allowed substandard training that fails to cover the basics of safety on the job could be held accountable – and should be. The training guidelines are well known, with materials produced and available. If an employer does not recognize the risks associated with untrained workers on a construction site, they should be held accountable for their failure to protect the safety and health of the workers on the site.

Get Legal Help – It Matters.

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