Construction sites are known as risky places.

There are numerous dangers for those on site—and they can also pose a danger to pedestrians and vehicles around them. These dangers can take many forms, not the least of which are “falling objects from scaffolding and rooftops,” as one New York taxicab found out.

Crowbar Falls from East Side Site

Recently, a crowbar fell from a construction worksite high above the street below and crashed down onto the roof and windshield of a taxi sitting at a street corner. While the driver was uninjured, the damage to the vehicle was considerable, and could have been far worse. These types of incidents are, thankfully, rare, but the dangers of living and walking around construction sites are quite serious. You have the right to live and walk around the city without being “in danger” for your safety and well-being.

Additional Risks and Complaints

The same construction site had a previous incident the month before, when concrete was being poured and blew out a column, damaging vehicles as they drove past. Had pedestrians been nearby, their injuries would have likely been substantial. Complaints about these kinds of accidents often result in fines for safety violations, but there is little else that is done by government agencies. They can shut down work temporarily to ensure safety hazards are dealt with, but construction will continue eventually.

People who are injured or have property damaged by these kinds of accidents do have some recourse, however, through the legal system. Construction companies are expected to keep those around their sites safe, and failure to do so is a simple act of negligence. A civil lawsuit against a company that acts with such disregard for the safety of others is one way to encourage additional safety in the future, and to make sure injury or property damage expenses are paid for by those responsible for them.