crane-1650920_1920Crane accidents are, thankfully, among the rarest accidents that occur at construction sites, but when they do happen, the damage can be tremendous. Massive cranes falling from great heights pose a risk not only to the workers of construction sites but also to innocent pedestrians and other bystanders on New York streets. Crane accidents pose a threat not only to people but also to property; even in situations where deaths and injuries have been mercifully low, the property damage has still been immense. After any accident, it is important to make sure those responsible are held accountable for what happened.

Dangers to Workers and Pedestrians

Construction sites are among the most dangerous workplaces in the country, accounting for more injuries and occupational fatalities than any other business. The great danger of crane accidents, however, is that they pose a serious threat to not only the workers at a site, but also to pedestrians and drivers navigating the streets of the city. Construction workers know to watch for falling tools and other site hazards, but everyone needs to be aware of the dangers that massive cranes present.

Property Damage

While the greatest concern from crane accidents might be injuries and fatalities, it is property that usually takes the greatest toll. Large falling cranes often twist and turn as they fall, and as they descend they can do a great deal of damage to buildings, vehicles, and other property in their path. Even when injuries are thankfully low, the property damage that occurs in a crane accident can be significant.

Negligence and Liability for Crane Accidents

Not every crane accident is necessarily a situation for a civil claim against the construction company or others involved. In some instances, however, there may have been negligent behavior involved that caused an otherwise completely avoidable crane accident. When someone behaves in a way that is contrary to what a reasonable person would do, then they have been negligent. And when that negligence is directly responsible for an accident that causes injuries or property damage, then the negligent party can be held liable for those damages. Proving negligence and liability is no simple task, however, especially when dealing with a major construction company or the city.

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