Work accidentConstruction sites are arguably the most dangerous workplaces in New York, offering numerous opportunities for getting hurt.

The greatest danger comes from falling; but burns, shocks, and chemical exposure can pose serious threats as well. Heavy equipment can cause many problems, including being crushed by a construction vehicle.

Trips and Falls

Trip-and-falls are among the most common accidents that cause injury at construction sites. These include falls from a height, such as a ladder or a scaffold, which often cause major damage.

Falling off a ladder or raised scaffolding can seriously injure the back, neck, and spine, which could then result in life-long pain or even paralysis. Falls down stairs or tripping over objects left on the ground can also leave you with cuts, broken bones, and other trauma.

Burns and Electric Shocks

The use of building tools (like welders) exposes you to flames and the potential for electric shocks. It is vital that all workers are provided with and wear proper safety equipment when handling such tools. Experienced welders might feel like they don’t need to wear proper gear, but failure to do so can result in permanent blindness as well as burns. Electrical shocks can come from just about any power tools, so damaged equipment needs to be replaced promptly.

Dangerous Chemicals and Substances

Many construction projects involve dangerous chemicals and toxic substances. All workers should wear masks and breathing equipment as necessary to avoid inhaling these chemicals. Some cause almost immediate discomfort or injury, while others take years or decades of exposure to produce serious (and often fatal) symptoms.

Heavy Equipment and Vehicles

Large equipment and construction vehicles present the most obvious danger on a job site. Improper use of heavy equipment can result in crushing injuries as well as serious lacerations or amputations. These types of accidents can happen in a moment and forever change a person’s life…or end it.

Injured at a Construction Site?

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