A 69-year-old woman was killed in a New York City pedestrian accident involving an MTA bus. According to an NBC New York report, the fatal pedestrian accident occurred on West 57th Street between Broadway and Eighth Avenue in Manhattan. Officials say the woman was crossing the road mid-block when the MTA X5 express bus struck her. She suffered severe injuries and was later pronounced dead at the hospital. The MTA driver remained at the scene.

When a pedestrian accident happens outside a crosswalk or intersection, investigators tend to assume that the pedestrian stepped into traffic or caused the crash by acting carelessly. This does not always tell the whole story. There are many pedestrian accidents that are the direct result of driver negligence. Drivers are required under the law to exercise care and caution at all times.

Anyone who has lost a loved one in a Manhattan pedestrian accident would be well advised to work with investigators to determine the cause of the crash. Staying in contact with the ongoing investigation, taking photos of the crash site, securing footage from nearby security cameras and interviewing witnesses are all steps that should be taken when someone has been killed in a pedestrian collision.

Financial support is often available for the families of fatally injured pedestrians for losses like:

*Medical bills       *Funeral and burial costs       *Lost future income       *Other related damages

In order to receive fair compensation for these types of losses, the family of the victim will have to file a wrongful death claim against the at-fault driver and prove that their negligence led to the crash.

If you’ve suffered a tragic loss in a Manhattan bus accident, please don’t hesitate to research your rights and options. A skilled New York City bus accident attorney will be able to advise you regarding pursuing your legal rights.

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