New York Burn InjuryIndoor tanning often comes with warnings about its risks. Just like tanning under natural sunlight, indoor tanning exposes the skin to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which is known to increases the chances of skin cancer and other disorders. However, fewer tanning salons warn customers of the risk of an equally serious problem: severe burns and eye damage caused by overexposure to tanning beds.

According to a recent study cited by WebMD, about 3,200 people seek emergency room treatment each year after being injured in a tanning bed. Eighty percent of the injuries suffered are first- or second-degree burns to the skin or eyes. People with light skin tones were more likely to suffer burns than those with darker skin, and young adults ages 18 to 24 were more likely to be injured than older adults, the study found.

Most of the burn injuries suffered in tanning beds resulted from overexposure. Although federal law requires tanning beds to have timers that limit the amount of exposure during each session, many of the injured customers had used beds with timers that were broken or that had been disabled. Even when the timer was working, a failure to individualize the tanning session to the energy output of the bed and the customer’s personal complexion and needs could also result in burns or eye injuries.

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