NJ Auto Accident AttorneyWe put a lot of trust in our auto mechanics. Having a properly maintained vehicle is crucial to being safe on the road. The only thing more frustrating than an unexpected auto repair bill is a bad repair that leads to more problems. Hopefully you will never be in this situation. But if you do get in an auto accident as a result of a malfunction caused by a poorly repaired vehicle, then remember that you do have legal rights.

There are times when the work your mechanic does makes things worse. Mistakes can happen. With any luck, your mechanic will recognize the mistake right away. But if you discover a problem after you have driven away from the shop, it is best to return to the same shop as soon as possible. Speak directly to the manager in charge and whoever serviced your car. It sometimes helps to go on a test drive with your mechanic to point out the exact problem. In most cases, the repair shop will offer to fix the issue. If they don’t, you can always prove your suspicions by getting a second opinion from another car repair shop.

There are laws that protect consumers against faulty repairs. In such cases, you would be well-advised to contact a New York auto accident attorney to help you recover compensation for injuries and losses. In some cases, an official demand letter from an attorney can be enough to recover damages from a repair shop. If that isn’t enough, a civil lawsuit may be necessary.

In all car accident injury cases, the at-fault party can be held responsible for the damages. A reputable auto accident lawyer can examine the case from all possible angles to help prove that the repair work caused your accident. Most car repair shops have insurance to cover this kind of claim and will properly pay for your losses.

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