Legal Advocates for New York Glaziers Injured on the Job

Because glaziers work with glass, frequently at elevations, there is an element of danger built into the trade. The work requires heavy lifting, climbing up and down ladders, and working on scaffolding, often outdoors. Sitting, squatting, or kneeling for prolonged periods are also part of the job. Our goal is to help New York glaziers seriously injured on the job recover the maximum compensation they are entitled to receive.

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What Common Injuries Do Glaziers Suffer on NYC Construction Sites?

Glaziers can sustain a range of injuries on the job, from sudden accidents to exposure to substances to repetitive work motions that strain the muscles and joints. Common injuries these workers can suffer include:

  • Lacerations: Glass is sharp – workers can suffer serious cuts when cutting, framing, or moving glass materials.
  • Traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and bone fractures: Glaziers are often required to work on ladders and scaffolding. This makes them vulnerable to falls from heights, which can cause catastrophic or fatal injuries. Like other construction workers, they also face slip or trip and fall accident hazards on job sites.
  • Repetitive musculoskeletal injuries: To do their jobs, glaziers must bend over to cut materials, lift heavy objects, and adopt uncomfortable work positions. This can strain the muscles and joints, causing injury over time.
  • Respiratory damage: Glaziers cut glass, and that produces dust, which causes a risk of lung disease. They also use strong solvents and may be exposed to asbestos when working on older buildings.
  • Eye injuries: Splinters and dust are produced when glass is cut or ground. A flying glass particle or glass dust that lands in the eye can cause serious damage.
  • Skin injuries: Solvents, adhesives, and sealants used in glazing contain harmful chemicals. Repeated exposure can lead to debilitating skin disorders, including hives and dermatitis.

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What Safety Tips Can Help Protect Glaziers on Construction Sites?

Following these safety tips can help prevent work-related injuries for glaziers:

  • Always wear proper safety gear, including a hard hat, safety goggles, gauntlets, work boots, and a work apron or thick coveralls. You may also need wrist guards, knee pads, and long-sleeved clothing.
  • Regularly inspect power tools and have them repaired at the first sign of malfunctioning.
  • Learn how to properly operate all work tools before using them.
  • Avoid working in confined spaces because of flying particles and toxic fumes.
  • Use a respirator to avoid inhaling harmful particles or dust.
  • Use the least toxic materials available in caulking, glues, adhesives, and glass polishing cleaners.
  • Learn the most ergonomic ways to lift heavy glass and objects and perform other work and use them.

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What Types of PPE Are Used to Protect Glaziers?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) can help minimize exposure to hazards. PPE for glaziers may include:

  • Fall protection
  • Hard hats
  • Respirators
  • Thick protective gloves
  • Arm and wrist guards
  • Thick coveralls or apron
  • Safety glasses
  • Safety boots
  • Knee pads

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Why Should a Glazier Injured on the Job See a Lawyer Who Specializes in Workers’ Comp Claims?

Glaziers face a risk of serious on-the-job accidents and injuries. Our New York workers’ compensation attorneys can explore all your legal options and effectively pursue the maximum compensation available. Employees who suffer work-related injuries should be entitled to receive workers’ comp benefits, but employers and their insurance companies sometimes dispute claims. If a party other than your employer caused your accident and injuries, you may have a third-party claim for compensation.

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